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 • 2015 Eight Gateways
 • happiness heals
 • why am I sick?
 • Arcturian geometry
 • transformation series
 • shift to 4th dimension

 • light orbs / angels

 • the web of light

 •  abundance
 • telepathy
 • new era prophecy

 • 2014 Amplification

2013 Awakening
 • 2012 Juxtaposition
 • 2011 Wave of Light
 • 2010 Tipping Point
Japan Tsunami
mass animal deaths
Haiti earth quake

Simion Quote

"When you are in the state of oneness you fully realize that you are it and it is already perfect."
A Window to Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakeningWelcome to the official web site for Simion, the Evolutionary Collective with channeling by Jill "Amariah" Mara. The channeled messages shared by these light beings are an invitation and spiritual guide for the ascension process and spiritual awakening of life's purpose.

Simion reveals a metaphysical meaning of life, insights into December 2012 predictions, and the shift to spiritual enlightenment in the coming era.

Simion invites you to expand your consciousness and follow the path of light as it ebbs and flows within you and is connected to the source of all creation. Within this site you will find spiritual life guidance to awaken your soul to the ascension to the 4th dimension, the evolutionary leap in spiritual awareness and life purpose. To deepen this knowledge delve into Simion's new book, Keys to Soul Evolution: A Gateway to the Next Dimension. Available to order on the Publications page above.

Spiritual enlightenment is a choice to recognize your eternal spirit and connection to all that is. Raise your soul awareness in the contemplation of channeled information on such topics as metaphysics, 2012 prophesy, sacred geometry, tuning your vibration to be a being of light, developing ESP, and contact with extraterrestrials, multidimensional beings and spiritual guides.

Learn to create a reality of fulfillment, and assist in the collective spiritual ascension of humanity by awakening the light being within and following the flow of light.

Simion has imparted a fascinating channeled book that is meant to assist us in preparing for a new era of spiritual enlightenment. This web site includes many excerpts from Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension, (see topics to the left and publications link), as well as audio and video recordings of channeling sessions.

We are here to awaken the spiritual aspect of our multidimensional soul by raising our consciousness. The light beings are an integral part of creation that you can connect to on your spiritual journey.

Please enjoy the channeled messages and if you would like to read or hear more, order Simion's book, or audio channelings, email us with specific questions related to ascension and spiritual growth. We will choose a channelled answer to post on the site each month.

You may also arrange to have the channeler, Jill Mara, visit your gathering for a group channeling session on our spiritual life purpose and ascension, with Simion, the 7th dimension light beings. Check out the appearances link above for details.


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