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Simion Quote

"For some 2012 will be an ending and others it will be a beginning. Which it will be for you depends on what you are creating with your consciousness."
What Will Happen in 2012?

What will happen in 2012 end of the world or ascension?

Simion channelings explain that we are experiencing a climactic bulge in space time, related to Mayan December 2012 predictions or 2012 prophecy, that is causing the Earth and potentially human species to evolve to our next octave, the shift to a less dense dimension.

Depending on our spiritual awakening, some will experience the end of the world 2012 while others will experience spiritual ascension. What will happen in 2012 will vary for each soul and their spiritual journey, and it will not likely happen on the December 21, 2012 date exactly. This date is a marker for this general period of time when we have an opportunity to evolve.

Keys to Soul Evolution book excerpt

Channeled from Simion
Dec. 30, 2008

We are Simion the evolutionary collective. The year 2012 was precisely calculated astronomically by the advanced astronomers of the Mayan culture as a turning point for the planet Earth and hence all life upon it and around it. They were able to determine that the potential existed magnetically for the Earth to make its next great leap presented physically as a possible reversal or shift in magnetic polarity. The calculations they made indicated that the planet had the likelihood of reaching the central position of the Milky Way Galaxy and the Galaxy has the possibility of reaching a significant position in relation to surrounding systems on a larger universal level. The Sun it was seen, would also be placed in a strengthened position of power relative to Earth and the other planets of its solar system. However, there are factors in the cosmos that affect these universal dynamics and can alter results.

Just as your butterfly effect theory implies that the flap of butterfly's wings causes a chain of events that may effect the creation of a hurricane across the globe, so can movements of conscious energy effect the movements of planetary systems. So while the 2012 predictions have high probability factors of occurring, there are minute energy shifts that can alter the final events in ways that can change your future significantly. We can see many alternative outcomes depending on various fundamental probabilities. There are numerous large events that can play out in a reasonably known number of ways. Then within these large events there are endless small realities created by individuals and en masse. With this understanding you can see why offering exact predictions is impossible and irresponsible.

You should be aware that you have a great potential to change the world as you know it and redirect the potential energy. How you play your part within this dynamic of shifting power is for you to determine. Each of you has an affect on the whole. You each have butterfly wings. The pattern of your wing beats in unison will affect the type of events and their impact on Earth that occur in 2012 and the potent years that follow.

When and How will the Transition to 4D be Experienced
channeled Dec. 30, 2007

Many of you are eager for signs and specific time frames in your linear understanding. We can tell you that the shift is occurring as this is written and by the time it is published the energy shift will be double. Much is spoken about the year 2012 as a marker for a transformation. The fact that it is believed to be such will have significance in itself, but the timing is not limited to a particular date. It is up to you all as to when you will make the final leap or if you will at all. Many will not leap. It takes a certain amount of consciousness to move forward, but that does not mean that all will go.

Do not feel bad for those left behind. You all have a choice. Some won't be ready or willing to alter their limited perception. They will experience what their consciousness has created for them with an intense boost of force. As the energy increases, what ever and where ever your intentions have been and are will be amplified. If your life has been about greed and egotistical satisfaction of desires then those energy patterns will be increased and will attract those of like mind until it is all consuming. Ultimately, these types of frequency will self destruct on your planet. Systems that are based on such motivation will destroy themselves from within.

Again, what some will see as horrible and destructive others will experience as invigorating and freeing. If you have been a part of a business that takes advantage of human spirit then life will crumble around you. However, if you have taken part in the liberation of human spirit then life will awaken around you. These diverse realities will coexist until one overwhelms the other. How long in your years this takes can vary, but again, you are heading toward a climactic push from the cosmos. We are telling you as much as we can without interfering with your own creative process as a species. We want to assist you, but the doing is your concern.

You will discover interesting cosmic anomalies in the coming years that are connected with the physical representations of the shifting frequencies. Your scientists may or may not comprehend the impact these cosmic events are having on your world. And knowing about them doesn't change what will happen. It is the need of the planet and your species that will cause physical events that accelerate change. Together you will decide what is necessary to move you from chaos to calm and from lack of focus to concentrated creation.

For some December 2012 will be an ending and others it will be a beginning. Which it will be for you depends on what you are creating with your consciousness. The same laws always apply, but with added strength. If you are an addict, you will likely be completely consumed by your obsession. If you are violent, you will likely experience a violent end. If you are petty you will be in a world of pettiness. If you are fearful expect to be frightened to death. On the other hand, you may be filled with love and tenderness and will experience more of the same. If your energy expands outward to others and the planet, you will receive much blessing and protection. If you are restrictive and self absorbed you will implode.

You need to give out more energy than you take in, for it will be too much for your limited vessels to maintain. You can do this with your thoughts and feelings alone. Just thinking and feeling outside your self will release energy and allow you to take in more. Releasing is important. If you do not let the energy expand outward then it will consume you and burn you up inside. If you send positive attitudes and intentions to others and the planet everyday, you will find great glory and an expansive satisfaction on many levels of your soul.

For much more on the shift and December 2012 prophecy and ascension read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.


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