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Simion Quote

"Keep your intentions on making your evolutionary leap and assisting your planet and meditate in quiet on this when ever you can."
The Shift to the Next Dimension

4th dimensional, 4D, ascension Simion channelings speak of The Shift or coming spiritual awakening to the fourth dimension as we approach the central plane of our galaxy around December 2012. They discuss our potential spiritual enlightenment as a change in human frequency to a higher dimensional vibration or the ascension to a 4D awareness.

Note that Simion does not consider time to be the 4th dimension, because the experience of time is relative to each particular dimensional octave. Those that consider time the fourth dimension may refer to our next leap as being the 5th dimension.

Some have also referred to the dream state or the collective unconscious as the fourth dimension. Simion discusses that realm as a bridge between the 3rd and 4th dimensions. All of this is a matter of semantics. What is of importance is that a leap in spiritual growth is dawning whether you call it the 4th, 5th or the ascension, is irrelevant.

Keys to Soul Evolution introduction excerpt
elepathic channeling from Simion October 31, 2005

We are Simion the Evolutionary Collective. We are here to assist in the evolution of your species. We will do so by transmitting our light vibration to your dimension and uplifting each individual's vibration and that of the population as a whole so that they may be ready for the upcoming shift to a higher frequency of creation that is forthcoming. We would like to impart to you all some wisdom that will aid in your readiness for this heightened frequency. Many of you are already becoming more sensitive to the fluctuations in the energy field and are listening to your inner knowing which is telling you to prepare for this new age of reality. Within this message, words have a frequency and what is behind the words is carried to those that read them. Much has already been imparted as to the coming uplifting of the human species and all plays a useful part in the transformation. We are telling of yet another aspect and level of this energy transference and rising consciousness.

Those that are open and unfettered by the dogmas and static systems of your time will be most able to handle and evolve with the higher vibration and will excel in every aspect of their being on many dimensions at the same time. It is our hope that we can relay how special your existence is and how important your role is in this shift of consciousness in the next several years. We are assisting in the raising of the light field that surrounds and makes up your material world, as you presently perceive it, and we are in need of as many light vibration souls as possible to make the shift for your species within this framework. The planet is already making her shift, but will be greatly aided by the help of those who are able to hold a higher level of vibration by raising their awareness to higher dimensional creation.

Each area of your planet has points within this grid of light energy that forms your manifested reality. By raising these energy points with your own light, you are assisting the planet in her evolutionary shift as well. Your 'thought forms' and hence energy forms are crucial to the raising of light vibration to allow for your evolution and the planet Earth's. What kind of evolution do we speak of, you may ask. We are speaking of a rising of your dimensional experience from the 3rd dimension to that of the 4th dimension. Since the 4th dimension exists at a faster frequency of energy transference, you must awaken your soul to it. Your higher dimensional selves and guides will assist you with this heightening.

Your world will go through many changes on a physical level and you will begin to perceive the planet and her nature much differently then most of you do presently. The physical upheavals will shed light on the plight of the planet's energy field and will cause many to join her in her shift. Those of you that are aligned with her, will easily follow in her path of profound enlightenment. Your consciousness in the next dimension will be more able to change and flow as your thoughts dictate, but the frequency must be of a brighter nature and closer to the core of your source energy which is the same source of all creation.

We would like to emphasize that there is no good and evil in this dynamic. All creation is of the most profound energy that is All That Is. When your frequency is higher and lighter, then it becomes more involved in creating with awareness. When this occurs, consciousness always will seek to create that which is joyful and pleasing to the self and will only create discord with the awareness that the discordance is assisting with an understanding, and hence is aiding in opening new pathways of creative discovery. After all, to us, and all higher beings, all that is created is amazingly beautiful and is opportunity for the expression of the energy of the very life force that creates All that exists. Some have called this by the name of God in an attempt to share this expression from one person to another. In doing so, the essence of what God truly is, and that you are of God has been lost in the narrowing of this greatness into a single word. When you are able to see that God is All that exists, then you will truly come to realize the spectacular majesty that this energy is, and that you are also majestic as an expression of God.

~ also see link for 2012 prophecy.

For much more on the shift to 4D and December 2012 prophecy and ascension read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.



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