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Predictions 2014: The Amplification

Flow on ocean                                    shoreAMPLIFIED EBBS AND FLOWS
A look 2014 and beyond

SIMION through Amariah

We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.   The frequencies of Earth are changing and finer energy patterns are moving through your world now, thanks to all the work of those bringing expanded awareness to the planet.  This year will be marked by energy amplifications.  The increase in finer vibrations will be pushing denser energies out and replacing them with a lightness of being.  This can cause a lot of old stuff to be brought to the surface so that it can then leave the atmosphere of your life and the astral field of the planet.  As the old patterns emerge, new ones will begin to take shape.  All types of energy will be amplified as this occurs. 

We are naming this year of 2014, the Year of Amplification, based on the increased amplitude that will be felt in all areas of your lives.  What you choose to do with the intensity will be up to you.  We wish to help you be aware of how this amplification might appear in your personal experiences, which will also translate into the bigger global picture. 

Just as when you are doing a body cleansing by fasting with a liquid diet to flush out denser indigestibles, the finer frequencies bathing Earth are allowing an energetic clearing of your physical, emotional, mental and light bodies.  That which is no longer serving your growth can be cleared out of your system during these surges of energy.  And then there will also be periods of influx when you become filled with higher frequencies that activate new DNA and enhanced abilities.

This has been going on for a while now, but throughout 2013 it has been building in strength and will increase in this coming decade.  Being aware of what is happening will aid your transition from a denser to a lighter being.  It is a process, and energies will come in ebbs and flows like waves upon a shore and the tides swayed by the moon.  It will serve you to tune yourself with the flow and not try to fight the ebbs.  Life is always filled with ups and downs, but the new frequencies will take the extremes to new levels and should be gracefully welcomed.  We will relay how the energy waves ebbing and flowing may be felt.
2014 ebbs amplifiedThe Ebbs

Ebbs are periods when the waves of energy are acting as cleansers or are encouraging slowing down your pace so that you give attention to particular needs.  Sometimes, this will be felt globally and other times it will be heightened in particular areas of the world, while other times, it will be based on your astrology or your personal cycle.  What you may feel is an intensification of symptoms that are related to what you are cleansing or what may need focus in your growth.  The symptoms may or may not have a discernible material cause.  Note that often there will be a good reason for such symptoms, like having a cold or working too hard.  But, when there is no seeable reason or the symptoms are unusual for you, then it may be a sign of ebbing energy, which is a time for the wave to recede and take what is no longer needed out to sea.

Symptoms of the Ebbs:

  • ·         Physical: Lethargy, feeling extremely tired to the point of not being able to move much at all, aches and pains in joints and muscles and odd tensions in the body, headaches, light headedness, and increases in any usual pains may occur.
  • ·         Mental: Forgetfulness, sensations of being trapped in time, feeling detached from the thinking mind, dissociation from ego identity like you are not sure who you are, confusion, lack of clarity, numbness to daily activities.
  • ·         Emotional: From detached emotionally to being extremely emotional. Your emotional guidance will feel tested to the hilt and this may be disconcerting. Emotions from long ago or related to events or people may surface for attention. Depression, rage, self pity, or other such emotion may overwhelm you.
  • ·         Light body:  Your energy body will be withdrawn during the ebbs and you may feel excessively introspective and disconnected from the energy of your environment.  You might feel like withholding from others and retreating into self reflection. Your physical, emotional, mental and light bodies feel out of sync.
    Navigating the Ebbs

The ebbs are natural and an opportunity to look within and see what is blocking your flow in whatever area of your life it shows up in. You may only feel the ebb in one area of your being or in all at once.  This is not a time to blame yourself or others, but instead to embrace the experience of seeing what is clogging your flow or where you simply need to slow down and reflect.  The symptoms are signs of energy being blocked, like having a clogged artery that decreases your blood from flowing life forces to your system.  It may also be that it is just not the time to be taking forward or decisive action as the information or energy you need is not available to carry out certain tasks.

The ebbs allow you to face the blocks or look at a situation more closely so that you can free yourself or move in a new direction.  You cannot do that by denying what is there.  Facing what is in front of you and allowing the ebb to reveal stagnation will help you with these cleansing, releasing and redirecting periods.  Acknowledge the various sensations and ask them to show you what they need to release or change.  For each individual, what comes up will be different.  Sometimes the blocks will have faces of people or situations that have literally held you back. Or rather your preoccupation, obsession or denial of them has caused a block in your system.  

Sometimes all you need is some rest and relaxation, but other times you may need an emotional release.  Pay attention to the symptoms and allow them to tell you what they need.  You may need a ritualistic release from an individual or event or simply to find a deeper respect for your body or mind.  This is a time to develop your intuition and to re-tune your being.  Listen and have compassion for what your being is telling you.  Letting go of old patterns will be extremely enlightening.

ocean like flows of 2014 predictionsThe Flows

After an ebb has cleared old or stagnant energy, a flow will occur to fill you up again with something new and finer.  You may experience an ebb and flow within one day, week, or over many months, depending on what energies are coming in and how you personally relate to the vibrations.  When the periods of flow come in, you will notice very different sensations.

These are the periods when you will feel a surge of light flow into your life in at least one of your energy centers, but once they are more connected, you will feel the flow through all aspects of your being.  During these flows you are rejuvenating yourself with new finer frequencies and it is time to allow as much input into your life as possible.  Go with these times and make the best of them to create lighter patterns in your activities and to gain enhanced insights. These are the moments when evolutionary leaps are being formed, so stretch yourself into new ways of seeing and knowing.

Symptoms of the Flows

  • ·         Physical: Increased exuberance and vitality, deeper connection to your body as a collective, sense of strength and lightness in your step. Feeling able to connect with source energy to ease any pains or dis-ease. 
  • ·         Mental: Renewed clarity and vision, ideas come easily and reflect new highs, creative thinking peaks.  Telepathic communication with others and with guides is possible.  Knowings come to you out of seemingly nowhere. Thinking is outside of time and social restriction.
  • ·         Emotional:  Increased sensitivity and awareness of emotions as a guidance devise without judgment.  Feelings become deep and connected to the inner life of yourself and others.  Ability to shift emotional state of being easily.  Sensing emotions of self and others and having natural compassion. Sense of trust in your feelings and where they may lead.
  • ·         Light body:  Sense of floating through life.  Seeing through a third eye lens.  Colors, light, and symbols in the material and non material realms are seen or sensed and can be translated through any of the above modalities.  There is a connection felt from your soul to light body to emotional, mental and physical energy systems.  You feel energetically integrated in state of at-one-ment.

honor ebbs and flows 2014 channelingHonor your Ebbs and Flows

These symptoms are by no means comprehensive.  They are meant to give you an idea of the general ebb and flow sensations.  You each will have your own translation of how these energy shifts will appear for you.  The more conscious you are of what is happening, the quicker you will find yourself transitioning into periods of flow and the longer you will remain there.  You can also amplify those flow sensations, by paying attention and giving credence to new visions that come your way.  The idea is for you to spend more and more time in a lighter existence by releasing the old and creating new sensitivities and abilities.  This is your evolutionary path. 

Use the amplified energy of 2014 and beyond to heighten your life on Earth now through your unique soul specialty.  Be patient with yourself during the ebbs and allow these moments to reveal truths.  Revel in the moments of flow and practice amplifying those sensations and see how far you can take them.  Honor the energy of each day, week or month and develop sensitivity and respect for how the energy is ebbing or flowing.  This is a huge part of the ascension process. 

One must be still enough within to notice their own cycles and the cycles of Gaia as well as what is coming through from the Universe.   Stepping aside from all the distractions that your ego so readily clings to in your world will help you obtain a mindfulness of each moment that centers you and brings you in alignment gracefully with your ebbs and flows so that you can make the best of them.  

Every year is an opportunity for you to be yet more connected to your divine selves and to create more divinity and unity on Earth.  We urge you to make 2014 exceptionally amplified !



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