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"Those of you alive in this century will become known as responsible for the uplifting of human kind from the ages of darkness into the era of light. "
Creating a World of Abundance

Law of Attraction for Creating Abundance and ProsperitySimion channeling on creating abundance for the entire world. They tell us we can use the law of attraction for manifesting abundance and prosperity for all life on Earth with the power of our collective intention.

We have the power within our consciousness to transform our world from one of lack to that of abundance supplying everything we need and nurturing the environment and life purpose at the same time.

Keys to Soul Evolution book excerpt
Telepathic channeling from Simion December 7, 2008
We are Simion the evolutionary collective. We are here to assure you that there are probabilities in the works among you that have splendid outcomes that you would be quite pleased with. The brightness of the collective energy forms attached to these probabilities can grow for your reality if enough of you desire and give attention to these options. For example, you can create a new world that is richly abundant for all humanity and all creatures of Earth if you are able to focus your consciousness on this frequency. The universe is endlessly abundant with life force and you can have a world in which you tap into this resource in every aspect of your lives. Meditate everyday on the idea that the more everyone and everything receive, the more all can share and the more abundant are all. You can create this new world of freedom and prosperity and joy by focusing your minds and hearts on this end.

Giving attention to lack and fear of the diminishment of your resources will only produce more of the same. Be aware that you are living in a world of lack presently, but know that it is because you have created it by your collective thoughts of lack and always wanting something that you feel you do not have. You already have everything your soul desires, yet you are hiding behind the illusion that you lack everything. You can each wake up now to the abundance that is already within and among you. To tap into this, all you need do is know that it is there and have complete certainty that all the energy needed is available by conscious connection to the field of light that joins all. Whenever you find yourself feeling thoughts of doubt and lack in any aspect of your life be it, love, friendship, wealth, health, time or freedom, stop and remind yourself that the universe is eternally abundant and that the more you give of your heart, the more will be revived. This is the kind of world you can create in which all beings are sharing abundantly and creating endless abundance throughout the kingdom.

You can have this fulfilling world to the degree that you all desire it and have certainty that it is the true way for each of you to flourish in your development. This world of abundance is not without challenges. The obstacles are simply seen as opportunities. Remember, it is your level of awareness that will be leaping forward and in doing so, your ability to transcend and transform situations that block your progress will be determined by your spiritual link and understanding of energy transference. Therefore, in the newly created world view hurdles will be welcomed with vigor and enthusiasm and you will be able to envision solutions that follow ebbs of light with ease. Creativity and invention can take off with such awareness. Expression will take on new heights and depth and relationships will have enhanced meaning. We hope that you will add all your vibrancy to thoughts of such a world of abundance and make it so.

For much more on using the law of attraction and intention for creating abundance read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.


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