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"Your thoughts, imaginations, visualizations, fantasies, and emotional life are all energy forms that create what you experience."
Crop Circles and UFOs

Channeled message about crop circles being created by frequencies and sound vibration from light beings (orbs) and other alien UFOs. Certain frequencies are sent by light beings to activate dormant DNA to enhance our species evolution.

It is explained that crop circle formations can also be from extraterrestrial aliens in order to prepare us for contact. Simion also discusses the crop circle hoax phenomena that has developed into a two way contact with alien beings.

Keys to Soul Evolution book excerpt
Telepathic channeling from Simion January 9-10, 2009
We are Simion the evolutionary collective. The vibration of sound is a fluid means of transferring light energy. It is a means of connection that we can bridge with ease and often do so to make an imprint on your world. We use sounds that are even out of your audible hearing range physically, but not for your soul, to make frequency imprints on your planetary plane in order to awaken aspects of your DNA coding. Sometimes this is done in a way that creates a physically perceivable result, such as in the case of crop circles. In this way, we relay a frequency signature to your planet that affects your biological essence and encourages connections. They could be compared to the way a Morse code sends a message by electromagnetic means into a translatable picture. Although, it doesn't actually matter whether you can translate the message intellectually in the case of the crop circles, as your bodies translate the message to your DNA. You do not even need to visually see the formations as they are merely an image of a frequency that is felt by the entire planet.

There are such signatures being sent in places that do not make a physical print as well. One day, as you develop your sensitivities, humans will be able to interpret the frequency that the crop formations emit and we will have yet another means of interacting. It should be noted that we are not the only beings that use the method of frequency sound transmission. Some of the crop designs are the result of 4th and 5th dimensional alien cultures' attempts to prepare you for their arrival. They are sending messages that contain their frequency so that you become open to their connection when the time is right. Mind you, there are also human beings who have created some lovely crop forms. We congratulate those of you involved on your creativity. However, there are electromagnetic residues on crop circles, created from other than human sources that can be physically detected and could not be replicated by human means.

There is much controversy around the formation of the crop circles among you. We assure you that there is no one right answer in this dilemma. In fact, the beauty is that all factions are correct. Every thought related to the topic becomes an aspect of the reality that you create and hence experience in your world. We congratulate those that are able to think outside traditional belief systems as they provide new hope of expanded views and reality for your species. If no one among you were to imagine that alien beings might have created the circles then guess what, this reality would never enter into your sphere and would as a result not exist for you. As you explore this option, you create the reality and eventually will create the physical evidence that supports the scenario.

We also know that there are many human crop circle designers and cohorts that are beginning to see the potential of using the geometry and intention behind the manufacture of the imprints as a means of producing a phenomena and a return communication with those that create them from elsewhere. We especially promote this as a wonderful step in our relations. You are recognizing that we can relate by means of geometry, mathematical precision, symbolism, and the effects of sound and vibration. With the use of intention behind these methods, many are seeing and feeling the potential of relaying messages by these means. By doing this you are opening a channel in both directions and are learning the impact you can have by using these means of transmitting energy patterns as information, just as we have done. In other words, there are some among you who are learning by the example of advanced beings. You are managing to stretch your reality to venture into the now very real option of extraterrestrial two way communications. The more you are open to, the more possibilities will arise. Remember, our relationship always rests in the minds and souls of each one of you and your collective dream.

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For much more on crop circles, UFOs, aliens and vibration read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.


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