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"If you are feeling particularly burdened with responsibilities and laden with the weight of physical reality it is a sign that you are ready to shed the last of your personal spiritual hurdles."
DNA Activation

DNA activation, spiritual awakening, ascensionThis channeling discusses the activation of dormant DNA in the human system that is happening now and will accelerate as we get closer to the shift to the less dense 4th dimension potentially near December 2012.

DNA is activated by frequencies being infused into our world by celestial influences. The DNA activation is part of our spiritual and physical evolution, which will be evidenced as a spiritual awakening or ascension of awareness.

Keys to Soul Evolution book excerpt
Telepathic channeling from Simion
March 9/11, 2009

We are Simion the evolutionary collective. There is DNA that is seen in 3D that appears to your science to have no discernable use, but in fact is latent genetic material that was strategically placed in your design by your spiritual parents. The human race is a mix of genetic material from the cosmos, as is all life on Earth. The life on your planet did not originate there, but that is another story. More importantly, the universe is created by consciousness and there are beings of varying degrees of awareness and ability as creators. There is a higher aspect of your soul that created you so to speak and a higher aspect of your unified soul that created humanity and seeded life in this material universe. More of these universal dynamics will become apparent as your mind is expanded and can comprehend creation with a wider perspective.

Everything in you physical world has a spiritual ethereal connection including the DNA codes that are the blueprint of your biological and energetic frequency structure. There is a biological code and various levels of energetic code that allow your soul form to be expressed within certain physical frequencies. That said, there are physical gene codes that will become active and a multitude of energetic codes that will be turned on to allow you to synchronize with the new dimension. With this activation comes a lighter physical body and increased mental and spiritual abilities and connections to other dimensions and vibrations. Also, when new DNA code is switched on some old and unnecessary code will become latent over time from lack of use. The new DNA will alter aspects of your brain as new synapses are created with the development of advancing skills. For example, a whole center of your brain will be turned on to deal with sensing and interpreting frequency and suddenly become quite active causing other areas to develop, such as the mental manipulation of vibration.

Abilities in individuals and soul groups will vary depending on particular DNA signatures that exist already and those connected to energy patterns from past soul developments. Therefore, some individuals or soul mate groups will excel in the vibrations of healing energy while others may be advanced in multidimensional viewing. Some will find they can manipulate matter grid structures with mental focus which is akin to what you would call telekinesis. Still others will be visionary seers who are able to grasp and assimilate holistic systems. There will be telepathic communicators and alien life form relations facilitators among whatever other specialties you can imagine. Capacities will be related to the DNA already in place, personal interest, previous lifetimes and soul inclinations. There is no doubt that these new found talents will lift burdens and challenge your souls in wonderful ways.

March 11, 2009: We are Simion the evolutionary collective. Each strand of your DNA vibrates at a particular rate and as such can be activated with a synchronized frequency. Some of these frequencies can be created with audible sound while others cannot be heard by human ears in 3D because they are above the limited range of your present consciousness focus. These will be able to be heard in 4D. We and other beings are affecting your species DNA vibrations by infusing frequency modulations into your realm to begin the step by step process of the awakening of your potential. The cosmic influences radiating from other celestial bodies are also affecting your activation and will increase their sphere of influence as your solar system nears the central plane of the galaxy. The exertion of fine frequencies that will pulse through your universe at that time will be potent. The DNA that has been prepared for activation will entirely switch on and you will find yourselves seeing and feeling as if in a dream. Everything that many of you have been dealing with since just before the turn of the 21st century will all make sense as your fixation on your five sensing experience widens to include a multidimensional perspective.

The strands of your newly activated DNA will literally begin to vibrate and change your experience of reality. As we have said, everything will appear lighter in luminosity and weight.
The new codes will vibrate with a whole new aspect of creation that was previously closed off to your comprehension. Your brain will quickly accommodate all the new input and fire up neurons that didn't exist previously. Suddenly, your consciousness will see and sense beyond three dimensions of space and the rules of that world will no longer apply with the same limitations. The work you have done in your life to this date has been in preparation for allowing your encoded program to become active. All self reflection and pushing yourself to view the world beyond the awareness of your identity and searches within for deeper meaning will allow you to be open to the finer frequency vibrations and will attune you with what is coming.

For us this is a beautiful image of many strings of energy elevating octaves and singing a new tune with one another in the creation of a balanced symphony of change. This is a grand event. It is the culmination of efforts in many probable realities converging in a great evolutionary shift. The great shift is occurring in the physical DNA and the energetic codes of all synchronized life and matter in your universe. The wave of music will be heard through all the galaxies and pulse into the multi-verse. We hope that you appreciate the magnitude of this awakening and will share in the excitement of its realization.

For much more on this topic read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.


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