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 • 2015 Eight Gateways
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 • why am I sick?
 • Arcturian geometry
 • transformation series
 • shift to 4th dimension

 • light orbs / angels

 • the web of light

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 • telepathy
 • new era prophecy

 • 2014 Amplification

2013 Awakening
 • 2012 Juxtaposition
 • 2011 Wave of Light
 • 2010 Tipping Point
Japan Tsunami
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Haiti earth quake

Simion Quote

"Since we are able to read energy signatures from a larger perspective, we can give you knowledge as to what is out of balance on a glabal vew and through time, until you learn to do this more easily yourselves."
Event or Interview Topics

At the threshold of an Evolutionary Shift
Are we headed for a great fall or a giant leap?

  • What is the significance of 2012 if any

  • What we must shed before we can ascend

  • How we can be ready for an evolutionary leap

  • How do soul’s evolve and how this relates to our physical selves

The Gateway to the Next Dimension
Taking advantage of the opportunity to move into a new reality

  • What does it mean to shift dimensions

  • Why is now the time for this evolution

  • Who and what can make it through the gateway

  • What is in store for us on the other side

The New Earth Frequencies
Know and Align with the Lighter and Brighter vibrations

  • The nature and quality of frequency changes

  • What is responsible for the vibrational energy shift

  • How to prepare yourself to match the new energy

  • Shedding veils and sensing frequencies

Getting Out of Your Own Way
Shed old karma and ego interference to raise your vibration

  • Taking an honest look at how your ego stops the real you

  • Mental exercises to shift your focus away from your ego identity

  • Ditching the victim role and taking responsibility for your life 

  • Using your emotional guidance system to your advantage

Why isn’t the Law of Attraction Working?
Taking the art of creation to the next level

  • Understanding the frequency backing your creations

  • Being conscious of the vibrational qualities you are transmitting

  • The importance of collective limitations and pushing boundaries

  • Raising the bar on your intentions with consciousness

Allowing Your Soul to Take Charge
Flow with synchronicity by synchronizing with your soul

  • Understanding and balancing your Five Soul Levels

  • Learn to recognize and allow your eternal spirit to be in charge

  • What is living a soul driven purposeful existence

  • How to shift into soul vision and create with the soul mind’s eye

Signs of Evolution and Ascension Sensations
How do we know when we are opening to a new octave

  • Seven Soul perceptions to acknowledge and accentuate

  • Signs of the thinning veil between dimensions

  • Learn to trust your inner knowing and soul vision

  • Imagination as a key to opening to ascended realms

Ushering in the Era of Light
Considerations for a new world vision

  • Now is the time to redesign your collective world creation

  • What to Consider as you move into a lighter, brighter universe

  • Seven areas to ponder when envisioning a new world

  • The time acceleration and malleability factors

Joining the Inter-galactic Community
Become an ambassador to other worlds

  • What other beings are here to make contact with humans and why

  • How to open your consciousness to inter-dimensional relations

  • What type of relations are possible at this time and in the future

  • Avoiding negative beings and promoting high level encounters

Being a Channel of Light
Learn to choose the quality of energy vibration you process.

  • How to develop awareness of the energy you are filtering and share

  • Generating light and higher connection instead of dense energy

  • Conformity verses Individual spirit and unity

  • Finding your soul’s light and sharing it in your unique way


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