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"Despite the seemingly higher intelligence and technological or spiritual development of other beings, they cannot tamper with your consciousness as long as you do not let them."
Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Intergalactic Relations

UFO, Alien, Extraterrestrial contact

Simion channeled messages about our potential relations with extraterrestrial aliens and multidimensional beings, as we advance as a species in our own spiritual growth.

They advise us as to keep our intentions on positive associations with aliens and UFOs that are of a high vibration so that we attract such encounters.

Simion relays that there are already humans interacting or who will be in contact with alien beings that could become important liaisons for future extraterrestrial contacts.



Keys to Soul Evolution book excerpt
Telepathic channeling for Simion
December 29, 2008

We are Simion the evolutionary collective. There is literally an entourage of intergalactic and inter-dimensional beings taking an interest in your planet and your species evolutionary cycle. It is an event marked on the calendars of a multitude of advanced civilizations. What occurs in the Earth's sphere of existence impacts not only your galaxy, but others beyond that have an association with your galaxy as well as other dimensions and parallel futures. As grid workers within the fabric of space, time and beyond, we affect all the interactions of life within the creational structure. We perceive the dance of energy transference that is occurring on multiple levels. Again, it is always our aim to evolve all species as creators and thus we have an acute interest in spreading wisdom and light to accomplish that. In so doing, we hope that your collective consciousness will embark on a journey to find peace and enlightenment among friends from other worlds.

It is seen that there are many varying views among your species regarding the contacts, types and intentions of so called aliens. Each of these perspectives can play a role in the nature of what you create as the transition roles up on you. There are a majority of humans that are completely ignorant and complacent about the existence of other worldly beings. The energy that such lack of regard infuses is likely to pan out as fear, if and when real encounters are experienced. In other words, the mental unpreparedness will most likely result in shock and dismay no matter what the intents of the aliens. Then there are those who are already of the belief that there are evil or threatening aliens among you manipulating your outcome. This belief will only serve to attract that frequency of life upon your plane. No being has power over your mind unless you allow yourselves to succumb to their tyranny by believing you are powerless. We assure you that no reptilian can eat you and no Grey will be able to abduct and experiment on you if you make your intentions known through your thoughts and emotions. Raising your frequency above this fear based creation will rescue you from such a reality.

There are also a growing number of you who are having positive contacts with alien species already. This is the group that can usher in a new era of peace between humankind, as heralds for mother Earth, and the intergalactic councils. As you rise up, you will be spokespersons for the strength and character of humanity. A victim mentality will not hold up in your dealings with advanced beings. You are not victims; you are creators of your very promising future in a much bigger cultural dynamic. Be not afraid of your encounters as long as your heart is pure. Anything other than purity of spirit will be recognized as such and will attract a lower spirited interaction. We are here to assist you in creating the best interactions. We have no interest in the creation of more war and destruction. That is de-evolution and not a part of our game plan and neither should it be yours.

For much more on UFOs, aliens, and extraterrestrial contacts read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.


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