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"To truly accept that all external occurrences are your energetic doing, and that nothing is either bad or good, is progress for your soul."
Beyond Good and Evil, Coming Messiah, Spiritual Enlightenment
Good, Evil and Messiah

In this channeled message, Simion discusses the construction of good and evil as a concept and how we can rise above such distinctions and usher in a messianic era of spiritual enlightenment.

Simion advises us not to worship spiritual leaders, but rather to emulate their state of consciousness in our own spiritual life, which involves seeing the light of creation in everything.

They explain that true spiritual mastery is using ones free will to choose individual awareness over conformity to mass beliefs.


Keys to Soul Evolution book excerpt
Telepathic channeling from Simion
February 15, 2009

The human construction of evil can be abolished in a single moment. The more you fight against evil or what you perceive as negativity, the more you allow it to continue. By fighting something you are giving it energy and are thus creating more of it. When you push against your moments of falling or obstructions in your path you feed them your precious energy. Negativity only exists for you because you allow it to exist. Your reality can be shifted in an instant by mentally and spiritually removing the concept of evil from your consciousness. You can in any given second, remove the existence of negativity from your life, by raising your awareness above the concept of bad and good. This is a process that can and should be practiced in every moment of your life. The raising of human consciousness is the second to second rising above or transforming the concept of negativity into an awareness of the sanctity of every creation. True free will is choosing what you experience with awareness and not with blind faith or conformity to mass belief.

Your species has been given the gift of the knowledge of good and evil and now it has the opportunity to rise above these constructions. Every falling contains a gift of rising inherent in its being and vice versa. By shifting ones awareness past the interpretation and judgment of something as being bad or good, one can choose to see with a clearer vision and ride the wave of light that exists within every single act or thought. All of your great spiritual leaders were able to see beyond these preconceived notions and as such were able to elevate the sparks of consciousness within any situation, or soul. This is true mastery of the gift of free will. Unfortunately, instead of following in the footsteps of these leaders with ones own elevation of awareness, much of your religions have chosen to worship these leaders as examples of a distant and seemingly unattainable holiness. However, each of these spiritually advanced individuals spoke of the essence of divinity already within each human being. They all saw the spark of creation within everything and therefore were able to regenerate by sharing their sparks of soul unconditionally.

None of these enlightened beings claimed to be the savior or messiah. Each did state that all humanity has the potential to be the messiah or savior of your collective soul. The coming of messiah is actually the rising of consciousness to a state of awareness that recognizes the divinity and interconnected source of all that is. Your spiritual leaders were followed because there is nothing more powerful than connection and awareness of the source energy and the appreciation of that which you are. By worshipping these leaders you are missing their point entirely and give your power of divinity away. This is the farthest thing from what they were sharing. By judging any other being as unholy because they do not worship a certain elevated human being alone, is contradicting their messages. On the other hand, by practicing the consciousness that they imparted, which always encompasses accepting and revering All as part of God including oneself, you are assisting in the coming of the messiah of awareness.

Much can be gained in acknowledgment of the spiritual essence inherent in all the teachings of the great religious figures throughout human history. It would benefit humankind and their creation of a messianic reality to appreciate the similarity of vision that the advanced souls impart instead of focusing on the worship of one over another. They are guides and examples of what you can reveal of yourselves and thus should be appreciated as such. No one will attain a higher place in the afterworld or this world by worshipping any other being. Simply believing in another's divinity does not create that state of mind in oneself. One must be that state of being to elevate their consciousness and assist all of the Oneness in being true to its nature. This need not take a lifetime or many; it already exists within each of you and can be awakened in any and each given moment. As more of you add to this awareness, the collective soul of Earth and humankind is elevated to a lighter frequency and dimension of perception.

For much more on the coming messianic era of spiritual enlightenment read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.


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