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"The less resistance you feel in your consciousness, the easier will be the flow of your creation. When resistance is felt, it is usually lower frequency interference."
Haiti Earth Quake 2010
Simion Channeling January 22, 2010 on Haiti Earth Quake

We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective. There was a recent event in Haiti that has caused and is causing much anguish, hardship, and great loss of life and belongings.  This was the rattling quake that shook the Earth’s mantle and devastated the area in which it hit the hardest.  Many want to know if this physical event was caused by man made efforts to interfere with the ionosphere by use of the frequency transmitting devise known as HAARP.  We assure you that this equipment is far from being able to cause such a catastrophe.  

Although, we will say that it is being considered and tested for use as a weapon of mass destruction by means of affecting atmospheric conditions that impact the weather (more on HAARP in general in another channeling session coming soon). However, at this time the capacity of the devise is far from strong enough to make such a major influence.  Far more powerful is the consciousness of those directly influenced by any given weather event itself, and the collective thinking throughout the globe.

Your minds have much greater affect than you imagine.  This catastrophe in Haiti was a result of the anguish and disheartening corruption and greed that has diminished the consciousness of the people of Haiti over the ages.  Their everyday pain and suffering and shrinking spirits have created an opening for, or attraction of, this disaster.   The people of Haiti have had a cloud of despair in their sphere that has culminated in the creation of the geophysical circumstances that produced a powerful Earth quake.  They have been radiating a vibration of upheaval and loss without much in the way of hope in the certainty of their recovery. 

However, in the attraction of this calamity the people of Haiti have also opened the door for the compassion and hope that they have longed for.  In this disaster there is now an opportunity for great light to come forth.  They will be able now to attract the much desired vibrations of empathy, love, and regeneration that is so needed in this place.  Understand that the planet Earth feels the vibrational radiation of all the life forms living within her auric field.  All the energy of motivation and striving and of the de-evolutionary energies of lack and desperation are felt by the Earth and she in turn responds in kind, often with rumblings that shake foundations on physical, mental, and spiritual levels. 

The quake itself is just the beginning of the amplification of the corruption and greed that has caused this situation in Haiti.  The aftermath is where the true colors of the pain will be revealed.  Many watching will believe that all is being taken care of with the utmost care and attention from the rest of the world.  We implore you all to look again, as the unrest and abuses will not go away as the rest of the world pours in heartfelt funds to aid this strife.  The greed that is so inherent in the energy field of Haiti will suction out these funds and many will be left to fend for themselves as always.  Throwing money at the problem to make yourselves feel better will not go far in helping these people out of their hole. 

The difficulties caused by this event have only just begun.  As they are literally dug out of holes they will be climbing into yet bigger figurative holes with less hope for a future than before.  This sounds pessimistic and so it is.  We wish to relay the reality in its true colors so that you recognize the reality of the energy that is being emitted from this place.  Only when you know the power of the consciousness involved and how they have created this will you truly be able to assist them in getting out of deeper holes.

That said, the people of Haiti need massive infusions of light energy from the highest frequencies that can be mustered.  They do not need money to be thrown at them that feeds further corruption and amplifies the negativity within the situation.  The event is a wake up call to reveal what these souls and the planet in general needs most right now and that is the amplification of light.  They need the vibration of love, peace, harmony, empathy, and hope, that shows them there is meaning and purpose to their existence within the pain.

We will add that, the over souls of the Haitian people have a perspective of understanding regarding the role they are playing in assisting the wake up of humanity to the need for these lighter vibrations in order to raise the consciousness of your world.  The souls of the people boldly and graciously agreed to experience an environment of despair in the hopes that within this situation a heap of light could come bursting forth as they reveal truth within the event and raise the bar on what could potentially be revealed from beneath the ashes of this calamity.

It is up to each of you as human beings with the ability to radiate light frequencies, to rise up in your thoughts and imaginations to assist the Haitian community in bringing light to that part of the world.  What does this mean?  Do you need to go there and directly affect the people?  Some of you do, and will be pulled strongly in that direction.  Don’t hold back.  If you have the desire to help on the ground floor, it is time to take the risk and not to be deterred by physical obstacles.  The way will open before you.

For most others, it means holding a place in your hearts and souls that is filled with the radiance of compassion and recognition of the amazing potential for these people to be freed from the bondage of corruption and claim their sovereignty as beings of light upon this Earth that are able to forge their own futures.  Even a few minutes of thought a day given to a new vision of a recreated community in which individuals are sustained and free to be whole and content and contributors, as an example of humanity rising up together against oppression, will help the cause. 

Use your conscious focus in meditations and prayer in whatever way you prefer, to envision a new community of light in Haiti rising from the ashes of despair.  Believe us, this will go leaps and bounds further in influencing the situation than will donations given with little thought. To your bright thoughts we add our own in kind.



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