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"When you are in the state of oneness you fully realize that you are it and it is already perfect."
Healing with Happiness

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We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  Having explored the potential causes of what ails you as suggested in a previous transmission titled Why Am I Sick? you are now free to heal yourself with happiness!  We have decided that if we are to relay only the most important message for healing, it is that happiness heals everything.  And as simple as this sounds it is the answer to what ails you, and it is completely in your control. 

Your happiness is not found somewhere outside of you, or once you get to some goal, or have some item. Happiness is found right where you are in this given moment and is the key to the success of any remedy.  No matter what is wrong with you, and no matter what the cause of it, you can cure it by allowing yourself happiness to sooth away your pains and sorrows. 

There is heaps of information in these words and they offer the cure for it all, and only you can make it happen.  You are all ill in some way or another, whether it be physical, emotional or mental, and it can all be cured by your decision to allow yourself to be happy.  The happiness cure is already inside every cell of your being and is the inherent state of your soul.  All the symptoms of pain and of emotional distress are results of you denying yourself the happiness you have within and of your potential to create it in your life every day.  No excuses and no exceptions apply.  No matter what happens to you, there is still a place of happiness within, and you have the power to find it. 
No matter how abused you were as a child, no matter what faults your personality contains, and no matter how little money you have, you are still capable of being happy.  You know it is true no matter how you are presently denying it.  If someone tells you a funny joke, you can laugh, even if you are really sad.  And, if you think about it, you can find something to make you smile no matter what happened to make you mad today.  Sometimes it is as simple as looking at your pet jump in the air, and maybe it lasts only a few seconds.  The point is you have happiness there and you can generate it by deciding to feel happy. 

Most of you have deceived yourself into thinking that things coming from outside of you make you feel happy.  Often you have also decided that most of the time things are there to make you the opposite of happy.  We would like to remind you that it is your choice to feel how you want, as a being with free-will.  Now you must simply convince yourself of this daily until you have gained back the control you somehow think you don't have. 
Let’s pretend that you can do this.  You can make yourself feel a little more happiness everyday about something, no matter what is seemingly falling apart or is lacking in your life.  What does this have to do with healing?  My beloved friends of Earth reality, when your mental, and emotional self is exuding happiness, your cells follow along.  You have all, no doubt, heard of people curing cancer by watching lots of comedy films.  While you may not want to spend your whole life doing this, it demonstrates that you can generate a state of being that cures through happiness. 

Some will say that doing that is tricking yourself into something that is not really real.  And we say, you create what is real.  So do you want to create sad and sick or happy and healthy?  You can also say it is all about love, and it is, but love is also happiness and can flow from the creation of happy thoughts.  They are in essence one and the same, as is appreciation and acceptance or peace.  These are all sensations that you can decide to have, that permeate your being and cure your ails.

What about doctors and healers, some will ask?  They are wonderful, but they are only facilitators to your self-healing.  Physical remedies can heal a wound, but as said before, if you do not look at the root cause and then shift your state of emotional being out of the feeling of sickness, into acceptance, and ultimately happiness about it all, then you will keep becoming sick or getting into more accidents.  Once you realize that you are getting acne because of low self-esteem, for example, you can now shift that despair about yourself into happiness and joy.  How do you do that when you are not happy? 

Well, sometimes you must go with the old stand bye, "Fake it until you Make it!"  You must understand that your whole reality is about faking it to create it anyway.  Nothing is as real as you all like to pretend.  You are in charge of the impression you make on yourself and how you navigate in the matrix that the collective mind makes up as you all go along.  So, Yes, Fake it until you Make it what you want it to be, which is happy and at peace within your game.  As you do this it all falls into place and you won’t remember why you were sad or sick anymore over time. 
We are not saying do only things that make you happy at the cost of responsibility or other healthy actions and at the expense of other beings.  We are not saying to be self-centered and not to contribute to making the world a better place.  We are saying, that you can decide to be happy while doing so and happy within your responsibilities and as you can be happy as you care and give respect for others and yourself. 

You know things like the dishes have to be washed.  You can be miserable about it and blame the world that you are stuck with the task and make yourself sick of being sick and tired of such tasks.  Or you can shift into happy dish washing time by singing a tune and smiling at the soap suds.  One manner will make your cells cringe, while the other will make them sing along with glee.  Same task, different result.  One makes you happy and the other makes you sulk.  Yet, so often you all say, but, I hate doing the dishes and I just can’t get happy about it.  We say, start giving it a try.  That is if you really want to be healthy and happy as a general rule, instead of depressed and ill.  Again, if you are being served by the latter, take a look at that first, and hopefully you will decide that being happy is a better service to you and the universe.
Sorry, but it is the only way.  No big house, car, lover or drug is going to cause you to be happy forever.  As soon as the new car smell fades, and the house needs fixing, the lover gets boring, and the drug wears off, you are back to you again.  If you can learn to generate your own happy vibe no matter what is happening, you will find your life is just plain happy and you are just plain healthy!  And what is so wrong with that. 

So dance while doing the dishes, or write a poem while taking out the garbage and smile at being alone or having to walk to work because you have no car.  It sure won’t make it any better to sulk and you may find you love it, whatever it is.  Suddenly more of your life is about appreciation, house or no house, lover or no lover, dishes or no dishes, drugs or no drugs.   And seemingly miraculously you will find you are healing and more happiness seems to find you. but really you are finding it?  You may even find you can laugh at yourself and that your funny face makes you smile instead of crack and that more of the real you shines out of what you once saw as so dismal.  Only you saw it that way in the first place, and it was you that changed into a happy healthy being, not something that happened to you.
At the same time, your emotions are a guidance system to let you know when change is needed or something is amiss.  We are not saying to be in denial of your array of emotions and not to honor your ebbs as a means of cleansing and understanding your soul desires.  That is important.  However, once you know it, change it.  Once you see the meaning of an ailment or emotional pitfall, step up and find your happiness.  These are powerful words we speak and they are words that you have the power to perform.  Stop pretending it is otherwise, and get to it already silly people of Earth.   This is your life to be happy in and no one can take that away from you.    
In your happiness is your love and connection to the universal consciousness that sees all, which some call dharma or enlightenment or ascension.  Because once you see that you are the creator of your love and happiness, you see the Creator of all and it is You and All that Exists joined as One.  When you create your happiness, you do so for the Creator in you and it spreads!  Happiness can be contagious so watch out!  But this is something worth spreading.  

Start your healing today!  Place one brick of happiness upon another until you have a house built of happy moments.  Then you need nothing else to make you happy, but somehow everything you desire will be there!  So while you ponder the cause of your illness or distress, remember to reach for happiness within and even while you enjoy the facilitation of external healing methods, know that they will only work for the long term if you add a dose of happiness from your own doctor bag.



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