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Mass Animal Deaths; Sign of Transition

From Simion, The Evolutionary Collective, of 7th dimension light beings, through Jill Mara on January 14, 2011. transition earth changes

We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  It is always our intention to assist those who are ready to make the next leap in awareness for the sake of the human race, Gaia, and the soul groups involved.  As such, we have informed you, as have many others from higher realms that you are in store for many changes to take place in these key years.  We have told you that 2010 was a Tipping Point and 2011 will be the Wave of Light. 

You are already experiencing this new Wave in the form of Earth changes and animal and human transitions that are physical in nature as viewed from your perspective.  Such physical waves that appear destructive are signs of new vibrations affecting the system of planet Earth, which includes all the beings that reside in her complexity. 

Whereas you will see many such physical changes and transitions from a physical state, to an energetic state, taking place, know that the physical representation is a surface reality.  Underlying these events are great energetic forces that are unseen and immeasurable as of yet by your sciences, because they take such a narrow view. 

However, the mass death transitions are the result of measureable electromagnetic and fine frequency shifts and infusions that are occurring as a result of the massive shift of your planetary system to its new dimensional octave.  We have relayed information about this change at great length and now you are beginning to see more intense physical signs of this shift.  These signs will continue. 

The shift of octaves for an entire planet and many of her species is a massive event and as such massive changes will be seen on multiple levels from your perspective.  These levels have a much deeper meaning when viewed from a multidimensional view.  But, for your present sake, understand that the external effects of the coming changes will continue to appear and baffle your experts.  Those that take a higher spiritual look or even a more quantum look at these events will see the larger picture of Earth transiting. 

Part of this transition may require a partial, but vast, shift of the magnetic poles, or a complete reversal of her polarity.  This allows for an opening to the cosmic frequencies that will push Gaia into her new reality.  It is not an easy task for a planet to make this great leap and the polar magnetic shift is a way to help catapult her into this new realm.  Mind you, as this occurs, there will be a split in realities as a three dimensional Earth stays behind and a new Earth is created in a new fourth dimensional reality.  This is complex for you to grasp because you have not developed your ability to see that there are multiple dimensions existing at once in the same space.  Trust us, it is the way the universes are constructed to allow for many expressions of consciousness as evolution creates.

Many of the animals that have passed on are responding to the magnetic changes on the planet and are choosing to die off and will be reborn on the new Earth.  They are also sacrificing themselves to signal change for other forms of conscious life such as humanity.  Many others will die off as a result of a vast chain reaction.  Every passing affects many in the chain of interrelations upon Gaia.  One being cannot pass without many others being influenced.   

As the magnetic poles shift, it affects the Earth in multiple ways, including moving geological plates, pushing eruptions of volcanoes, altering weather patterns, ocean currents and wind and sun conditions, globally.  As these patterns shift, animals and plant life is affected.  The more drastic the magnetic movement, the more drastic the patterns change, and hence the increased potential for mass animal deaths.

Remember that not only is Earth experiencing magnetic movement, she is also experiencing increasing bombardment from cosmic frequencies originating at the center of the galaxy in which you reside.  Animals and all humans are also influenced by these cosmic energies.  Since you cannot see them, you think there is nothing happening.  Some people, and more so animals, are more sensitive to these increases.  Many are responding by choosing death.  Some souls will choose with the purpose of completing missions from other planes of reality.  Others will simply not be ready to handle either the drastic world of change that is coming in 3D or they will not feel in tune with the lighter dimensional reality of 4D.  In either case, they may choose at a soul level to pass on in the next several years. 

Some souls will not even be ready to make a choice, but will simply not be able to withstand the finer cosmic frequencies and will have no choice but to pass away from this physical world and be reincarnated on another planet or similar realm.  Only those that are ready to either face a difficult road on a challenging world, or those who wish to physically experience and aid in the planet and human transition to 4D will remain.  Both are tasks meant for the strong of spirit.  Any souls incarnate on Earth today knew they were in for a challenge and most chose or were chosen to make these shifts.  Animals are aspects of the soul of Gaia and as such respond to her movements.  Look to the animals as signs of the transition.  They are and have been your guides and yet you do not see their souls and their expression of the soul of Earth.

There is a global quaking occurring and if you were to map it out you will see the patterns and the flow of a changing Earth.  Take a wider view.  What do you suppose your extraterrestrial friends are seeing from above?  What do you suppose those interdimensional travelers see when viewing events?  Can you imagine how a shift in dimensions looks from the point of view of such travelers?  Can you imagine them seeing the souls being affected by the rays of vibration and magnetic pulls of your realm?  Can you see soul’s preparing for change and a huge growth spurt?  Think of how animals shed layers of skin when they grow?  Think of how a caterpillar transitions into a butterfly.  Think of how a child changes into an adult at puberty.  It is vast change that spurs a new way of being.  Sometimes it is painful and harsh, but growth and change is a natural state of conscious evolution and ALL is consciousness in evolution. 

Take heart in knowing that your planet is moving forward.  Do not fear what you see happening in this transition period.  Maintain a state of intention to assist and bring light to all growth spurts, no matter how dangerous and even sinister they may appear.  This again is the year for light bringers to carry the torch for the future Earth.  There is no time to wallow in pity or fear.  It is a time to celebrate a new era of light.  A rose will in fact rise from the ashes.  Keep this thought in your heart as you step through these years of evolution.  Our light will be with you that tune in.



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