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"Even though time and space do not exist the way you perceive, and are all happening at once with outcomes occurring at the same point, there is still evolution of the whole occurring. "
A Multidimensional Perspective

multidimensional universe parallel probable realitiesChanneled messages on viewing the universe with a multidimensional consciousness. A perspective on understanding probabilities in a multiverse with parallel universe options.

The light beings are able to see the probable realities that we are likely to create based on what energy we are emitting in any given moment in time. They invite us to develop a multidimensional perspective to assist us in the coming era of enlightenment.

Keys to Soul Evolution book excerpt
Telepathic channeling from Simion
October 29, 2007

We are Simion the evolutionary collective. When we look upon your history, we see much more than you do. We see the energy dynamics at play from beginning to end occurring simultaneously. We view your world beyond the confines of linear time. We know this is difficult for you to fathom, but it is important that you at least contemplate what that means. You should immediately see that with this perspective, there is nothing concrete. Nothing is set in stone or predetermined. There is not a destiny; instead there is a parameter of possibilities that are ever changing. It has already been suggested that you can change your past and future in the now and this is of critical value to understand.

What your prophets and visionary societies have passed on to your present consciousness is the result of your state of minds now, as much as then, and in your future. It is all a dynamic creative movement of consciousness. It may appear rather complicated to your limited view, where you presently sit, but once you begin to delve into various levels of probability, you will be astounded at the beautiful synchronicity of this flexible creationism. You are so bound by your linear and physical reality that this may be overwhelming to contemplate, but when you are in the flow with the light field it is all seen as poetically simplistic and truly eloquent.

We invite you to participate in creation at this level of multidimensional awareness. Soon you will be able to see what science is becoming aware of on a mathematical and theoretical basis. You will be moving your consciousness between the electrons and viewing the universe from multidimensional angles instead of simply the three that you see within now. Your awareness will be attuned to the space that can't be seen with the limitations of your five senses. For the present, take our word that there is much more to comprehend in the universe than you currently perceive.

Based on the vibrations emitted by your species throughout its existence in all time frames, your present position is like a culmination. It is a swell in the fabric of space and time. This coming age is a climax created by what is being vibrated in the past, present and future and in multiple probabilities. Mayans, many Native American cultures, prophets in Europe, ancient Chinese mystics, etc. were able to glimpse this climactic period and send messages through time. Some are still being revealed as the energy amplifies and continues to affect those still feeling the vibrations in those respective pasts. Each time and probability folds over another continually, thus are reaching into your present perception.

For much more on this topic read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.


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