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It is beneficial that you break away from the limits of your cultural and religious beliefs and recognize them as a part of your created dynamic of life on Earth and understand that all such ideas are a beautiful form of expression as attempts from your human minds to comprehend the magnitude of creation.
Envisioning a New World

New world vision on our  spiritual journey and meaning of lifeChanneled message from Simion on how our shift in beliefs has the potential to change our world as never before. Focusing our intentions on an ultimate vision for our future can elevate humanity to an age of spiritual enlightenment.

Our whole world can change when we open our minds to the power of consciousness and drop old belief patterns that are stopping us from realizing the true meaning of life and our spiritual journey.


Keys to Soul Evolution book excerpt
Telepathic channeling from Simion
June 24/27, 2008

We are Simion the evolutionary collective. In order for any innovation to take place in your present system, a belief or idea must be reworked or be seen from another point of view. The shift in ideas that is coming of age now has the ability to make a major shift in the energy patterns that have held your systems back for millennia. The consciousness change will be so dramatic that molecular structures will be altered with thoughts and the world will be entirely transformed into a higher dimensional realm.

Most of you are seeing how a simple change in belief can alter your perception and hence change your experience. As you begin to do this on a global level with awareness, the beliefs you promote will have the collective power to completely revamp humanity and its environmental impact. The power of your mass beliefs is being unleashed and amplified so that the cause and effects are understood with deeper appreciation and hence more profound manipulation is achieved. Once again, we emphasize that this is only possible within a state of elevated vibration. As you alter your fundamental beliefs about energy, thoughts and matter, and enhance your ability to elevate these vibrations, then you are increasing your inherent capabilities to manipulate energy at the consciousness level. This is the core level of creation and where dimensional reality is altered. What you believe you can achieve…will take on real meaning as you shift your core awareness.

Your beliefs in the energy of consciousness will be at the root of the shift and evolution. This is the force for your forward momentum. The eventual mass certainty in the power of consciousness to drive energy systems will propel dimensional shifts that will be revealed in ever increasing personal and mass awareness of what was previously unknown and unseen. There will be new relationships established with beings and energy forms in other dimensions. The boundaries between worlds will be less distinct. This in and of itself, will then lead to further understanding of energy life and will again promote further development. As you stretch the limits of your conscious awareness, more is revealed and pulled into the next dimensional octave.

As evolving conscious beings, you will be creating systems of belief that in turn create your reality. You have the opportunity in your advanced awareness to do this with intention. Therefore, you may want to stretch your thinking. Have fun with it. It may seem childish to envision a world with connections to fairies or rocks or planets, but this is the place of joy that will make it real. Many of you are so bored with life because you stopped believing that there is anything beyond the routine dependency on technology. Wake up and dream a little. The dreams can help get you into a state of hope and desire for something better for your planet. Collectively you are starved for this.

Practice expanding your beliefs now. Allow your consciousness to go beyond everything you think you know about the world and yourself. What abilities would you desire to have in a limitless, yes limitless, world? Begin imagining yourself having such abilities. The only way you will get closer to expansion is to let the possibilities arise in your mind and emotions. How will your new abilities assist the collective soul? Perhaps you will be a part of a group of individuals that have a similar talent and together you can be a great force. What you start creating at the consciousness level now will add to what becomes possible in the coming era. Get out of the box and push the limits. The more you all do this, the more expansive the belief systems will be and hence the greater the effect. If you start radical, the lowest denominator will at least be beyond the limitations projected by the least imaginative among you.

For much more on this topic read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.


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