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"Following the ebb of light is a matter of dissolving the self created veils that hide your way.
Light Beings, Orbs and Angels

Paranormal Orbs, Angels, and Light Being
Simion channeling about light beings being seen as light orbs. These are the light orbs often seen around UFOs. Simion compares light beings, or what may be known as paranormal orbs, to angels.

Angels are messengers and guardians and can take any shape, while light being orbs are involved in creation and evolution at an energy level.

Keys to Soul Evolution
book excerpt

Telepathic channeling from Simion
December 20, 2008
We are Simion, the Evolutionary Collective. We will and are for that matter appearing to humankind in our collective form and as aspects of our collective energy, or as what you would perceive to be our individual forms. You observe the energy of the collective as massive and luminous globes of light. When we are seen near or around UFOs we are usually in a collective form. We are often seen elsewhere on a more personal level as smaller orbs of light, and if you are open, can be accompanied by telepathic messages. The feeling tone of our transmission is not what you might interpret as emotional in nature. You are more apt to feel sensations of buoyancy, tingling or heightened senses. We are not emotional beings. We are beings of creative vibration. We are often sensed as amplification of your own energy. We do not impose on your beliefs; we only enhance the development of your path. Therefore, each of you will interpret our light through the lens of your understanding and beliefs.

We have often been referred to or mislabeled as angels, because your culture has a familiarity with that notion, and we often act in a similar fashion to what you understand to be the job of angels. In a sense, we can be seen as an angelic force in that we are bringers of light, but we are different than what historically and biblically is referred to as angels. Biblical angels are another type of being that also exist multi-dimensionally, but their function or mission and methods are different than ours. A whole book can be written on the nature, purpose and behavior of angelic forces and that is not our aim in this writing, but for the sake of clarification, we will offer a simple comparison.

Angels are messengers between the various dimensional expressions of creation and the ethereal realm between. In other words, they exist as a link between life and afterlife expressions. They assist in the lessons and interpretations during your transitions to the next level or type of reality. As such, they are assigned to particular beings to help them assimilate what it is they came to do in a given life. They help with the soul's departure from the physical form and aid them in realizations while in their spirit transition form. Angels are go betweens. There are angels that assist with all forms of life on your planet and all others in the universe. They are individual ethereal beings that can take any particular shape needed to get their messages across. And so they will often walk among you as other humans, animals or objects that get your attention. Angels will tend to take forms that your mind can formulate and translate.

Angels differ from us in that they do not have the ability to alter or enhance energy expressions. They are messengers, not builders. As such they are not creators of realities, but are rather pipelines between realities. Specifically, they are the telegraph system between our energy grid creations and the resting and assessing zone between. We assist your journey while you are creating in a so called physical form, while they keep you on track as to what you were individually intending during this life and bridge you to the next. We assist you in evolving as creators and infuse the entire creative system with energy, while angels relay reminders to your individual spirits regarding your chosen lessons for a given life. So while we take no offense to being called angels, we are formulators of life forms and are therefore technically quite different aspects of the God force then are angels. We are all different aspects of a greater creation dynamic and each have our place in the perpetuation of all existence.

While your interaction with angels has been recognized for the most part throughout human history, your association and understanding of our presence has been less predominant. The connection is, however, growing stronger as you become more adept at manipulating the creational energy grid. As your perceptions of consciousness and its role in creating your environment grows, so will your associations with our energy. We will become greater companions as you participate more directly in materializing your thoughts.

For much more on the nature of light beings, angels and orbs read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.

Please also note that most reported orbs are photographic artifacts, so unless the orb is seen with the naked eye, that is likely what it is.

Click this link for information on orb photo artifacts



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