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"Despite the seemingly higher intelligence and technological or spiritual development of other beings, they cannot tamper with your consciousness as long as you do not let them."

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Channeled or Telepathic Messages from Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Beings

ET contact
Since discovering her ability as a channel of Simion, Jill Mara has developed as a conduit and is now an ambassador to the cosmos as she receives information from extraterrestrial beings from multiple dimensions. She can consciously connect with various beings and receive telepathic or channeled messages.

Many of the messages come through during guidance sessions for individuals, often star seed souls with a mission on Earth.

This page will grow as a sampling of what has come through.


6th dimension ARCTURIAN Ambassador, El Ectarus

Telepathic channeling February 17, 2011 through Jill Mara

We will convey the realities of so called ET contact.  You, of course must now know that contact has been made long ago in many different ways.  The history of contact would take an entire book in your language.  Contact with humanity has been occurring since Adam and Eve’s inception as energetic beings seeding humanity as conscious forms. 

When you ask about Official Contact we understand that you are referring to a mass recognition or revealing of the existence of ETs, on your planet.  You will need to be aware that the revealing is entirely dependent on whether the human race decides to see and recognize that we are already making contact in a big way on your planet now. 

An official revealing will not come from your governments.  If you are looking that way, you are being diverted by the magician to the real event.  Contact is occurring everyday to those individuals that are allowing their soul’s to see the truth.  The masses will see when enough of the population awakens to our presence and the masses can no longer deny it. 

If the government were to announce their knowledge of ETs, which they certainly have in varying levels, it would come from and instill fear in the public domain.  Until the masses are ready to accept life in the universe without fear, it is not advisable that any kind of official announcement be made.  This would be to the detriment of what so many beings have been working for spiritually with the light workers on Earth.   The revealing is and will continue to come from, individuals who are making contact as ambassadors to universal consciousness.  The contacts are increasing and amplifying in their impact. And as more human beings are awakening to their soul, so more will be ready to meet other types of beings. 

As humanity learns to use spiritual discernment, they are being prepared for true contact globally.  The free and open contact that many of you desire will come when the higher dimensional family senses that humanity is able to discern intentions of our frequencies.  Any beings that make contact with the manipulative and soul demeaning officials that think they are in control of your world, will be denser frequency beings that may not have the best interest of all at heart. 

You do not want there to be an official announcement about the presence of these beings at this time, and those in the lighter frequencies will not allow it.  This kind of disclosure was the intention of the manipulative forces on your planet to evoke more fear and means of control.  This plan will not be able to occur.  There are too many light workers on board for this to come to fruition.  Be glad that there is no disclosure and outward contact at that level at this time. 

Instead, it is suggested from the Arcturian view that you continue to work on bringing your higher soul into alignment with your Earth nature and allow that true self to be revealed on your planet.  This is what is bringing about the kind of contact we wish to enact.  The future of ET and interdimensional contact for your race is being determined in the next several Earth years. 

This is the time to set the tone for the types of encounters that are possible as humanity makes its shift.  There always exists choice in these operations.  The collective energy of human consciousness will and is determining the extent of these contacts.  The more the light workers reach out to us, ask for our guidance, and speak openly about their spiritual contacts with various races of beings, the more you are preparing the human race for open contact. 

Keep also in mind that a large amount of current relations are with lighter dimensional beings that no longer materialize in the 3D structure.  They, however, will be able to be seen as humankind expands their awareness into 4D.  Many lighter vibration beings can project their image to be seen by 4D consciousness.  And of course, there are many 4D beings that will be companions in human progress, as the shift occurs and humanity wishes for this.  Some of these 4D beings are seen and can project themselves into your current reality to some extent, though for full interaction they usually raise your consciousness to their level, if you are not able to do that yourself yet. 

With that explanation, we encourage you all to accept that we are making contact and are more than willing to take this to the next level as you each acknowledge our presence at a soul level.  Your doubt kills our relations.  The soul must be open and willing to make these relations occur.  It is so much easier than you all know, but you don’t get past the belief that your five senses must confirm everything for it to be real.  We implore you to recognize that it is your five senses that are an illusion, and your soul vision that taps into the real realm of pure consciousness.

More ET and angelic messages coming soon!

For more on the general topic of UFOs, aliens, and extraterrestrial contacts read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.


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