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"When you are in the state of oneness you fully realize that you are it and it is already perfect."

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Predictions 2010: The Tipping Point:

From Simion, The Evolutionary Collective, of 7th dimension light beings, through Jill Mara.

We are Simion the Evolutionary Collective.  This coming year of 2010 is bright with possibilities for your evolution.  We see a rising intensity of focus among the bearers of light on your planet.  There is a strong wave of probability that involves many souls on a path of enlightenment that will pave the way for humanity and Mother Earth.  The potential is there and this is uplifting news for your world and many beyond.  Many will join and assist in brightening the vibration of your system in this coming year. 

We see 2010 as a tipping point.  If there is a time to put forth your efforts and shine your light, it is now.  The openings to cosmic energy points and beings that can aid your journey are acute.  The frequency is also heightening to allow each individual to tap into their true soul light and shed the veils that have kept them from springing forth with their unique gifts.  2010 is a time of magical discovery and increased sensitivity for those that attempt to open themselves to their potential.  
The trials and tribulations of the last several years can be transformed into awakening in 2010 that leads to ever accelerating vibrancy in the following years.  This increase can push your species and planet into the next dimensional shift as early as the predicted 2012, but much depends on how each individual soul takes on their part in sharing light from their source. 

This coming year is a time to shed the perception of trouble and strife and exchange that vision for one of transformation, growth, and sharing and for envisioning the new reality that you are striving for.  2010 is a year for letting go of the old and preparing for a new you and a new experience of reality. 

We suggest you do the following to make the best of the insurgence of high frequency light this year:

  1. Acknowledge what is holding you back from being true to your path of light.  Ask for guidance in releasing these patterns once and for all.  Allow yourself freedom from the fears that keep you from being true to your soul’s desire to share.

  2. Go for it!  Whatever your soul has been aching to do, be, and share of itself…begin or continue to do it, no matter how absurd, silly, impossible or risky it appears to your rational ego self.  Take steps toward shining your particular creative spirit no matter how simple and insignificant your self-doubt makes it out to be.  Follow the quiet part of your being that knows what to do.

  3. Be prepared to flow with synchronicity.  Being too rigid with plans will not work with this new energy.  You must be willing and able to let go of expectations for particular outcomes.  Paths of light may meander in an unforeseen way, so be ready to flow with your intuitive senses and look for the silver strings of light within seemingly challenging or unexpected circumstances that alter your original motions.

  4. Use your imagination….please!  You have an amazing ability inherent in your imaginative natures.  Tap into the magic and power of your imagination.  Imagine your soul is sharing its unique qualities and imagine what that would look and feel like.  Imagine you are already sharing the enlightened soul that you in fact already are.  Your imagination is always a doorway to the core level of creational being.

  5. See the light in others and give them the gift of yours in all your interactions.  Simply imagining others filled with a spark of creation will change your relationships and allow you to see the potential in your meetings.

  6. Keep the vision of an uplifting future alive.  When you feel down, or fail to see how the human race will ever realize the error of its ways, switch gears.  Refocus on the light bearers and all the amazing work they are doing, along with all the guidance that is available from other beings.  Bring your attention back to the light within and its power of transformation, and its ultimate ability to rise above any turmoil.

  7. Pay attention to your soul perception sensations as outlined below.  Practice becoming more aware and sensitive to these signals. See Seven Soul Perception

2010: Year of Dichotomies
There will be two dynamics at play in 2010 and beyond.  One is the breaking down of old patterns and abusive manners and systems.  The other will be the core level rebuilding of the consciousness that governs your behaviors and organizations.  While the old is slowly, or quickly in many cases, falling apart, there is an undercurrent of reformation.  This is not a political or economic rebuilding, although those will be transformed as a result. 

The movement is within each individual that is raising their vibration and using their increasingly powerful intentions to reshape the meaning and purpose behind all transactions.  In other words, the new world view is being created from the inside out instead of from the outside in.  Therefore, it is not nearly so apparent than is the tumultuous exterior events.  The internal spirits of each human being is adding to a snowball effect that will eventually overtake the lower vibrational octave and replace it with an entirely new frequency Earth.  Stay within this flow and you will rise like a feather to an enlightened perspective.

We predict that 2010 will be a time filled with dichotomies.  There will be a flip side to all that is occurring.  While communications will be breaking down for denser frequencies, relations between those at a lighter frequency will be accentuated.  Communications among and from light bearers will be important and enriched in this year.  We encourage all of you to take advantage of this energy and share your ideas.  Many will be open to new perspectives that were previously closed.  This is true in all fields of study and within all cultures.   Exceeding cultural and academic boundaries will be possible this year for those that reach out and pursue discussions.  Get out and speak your mind this year, as you may just be heard and you have the potential to influence key people on your path to the benefit of humanity. 

Secrets Exposed
Much will come out into the forefront that was hidden in the past, including such areas as UFOs, psychic phenomena, healing miracles and government cover-ups.  These unveilings may not be presented as such, but will be inconspicuously or inadvertently exposed on purpose or accidentally.  Regardless, of the motives and means for the appearances of hidden knowledge, the information will be bold and cause much stirring in many fields of study and topics.  There will be a number of shocks and seemingly unbelievable new discoveries or exposures in this year.  Watch for these in all areas of life. 

Again, there will be two sides to the story.  Many secrets will appear to be awful, but hidden in the circumstance will be amazing transformations that change underlying dynamics.  These changes will happen on a small and very large scale.  Look for them in your own lives, your communities, and the world.  There will be drastic differences in the way events are interpreted.  We recommend that you look for the meaning and the potential bright side to all changes and take the new knowledge gained to its highest level.  This is a time for much learning to occur and great discoveries to be put forth on your planet.  Make the best of this fantastic year and it will be a tipping point for personal and Earthly evolution.


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