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"When you are in the state of oneness you fully realize that you are it and it is already perfect."

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Predictions 2011: The Wave of Light

From Simion, The Evolutionary Collective, of 7th dimension light beings, through Jill Mara.

golden gatewayWe are Simion the Evolutionary Collective. This is assuredly the most significant year for the evolution of humanity and your planet to date.  Last year was a “Tipping Point” and the tipping has occurred in the direction of the Light.  This is a year to follow the Wave of Light that is washing all those who have made the choice to get on the boat of enlightenment, down the stream to your next octave of evolution. 

This is a truly exciting year where the light bringers will finally be revealed in their full glory upon the Earth in silent and loud ways.  2011 is the year that the candles will be lit to dissipate the darkness.  The candle lighting will spread like a wild fire of light and no bit of darkness will be able to hide from the illumination.  Truth will come forth from all corners of the globe and all aspects of the souls upon it.  Get ready for an amazing year leading to the climax that all have been waiting for.

As the light shines and the darkness is seen for what it is, there will be awakenings in all aspects of your societies and disciplines of study.  When the darkness is seen as the illusion and disguise of the true light of creation, everything that is not light, will fall apart from its own delusion.  The world around you may appear psychotic and unstable as a result of the delusions being seen for what they are.  Again, amidst this seeming chaos, the light bringers will see through the façade and shine their respective beams upon reality, and an uprising of great proportions will emerge. 

This is the year when the seeds that have been planted and germinated by each individual’s efforts to clarify their soul purpose will finally break the surface of the veil of darkness.  All this will occur thanks to each soul’s genuine intentions to improve their perspective and make room in the astral energies of Earth for new expanded beliefs.  Anything that is not of a light vibration will be seen as such, and will not be tolerated in the new Earth energies.  The old patterns will sink like ships in the night and with the dawn of the new day a renaissance of ideas will awaken.

Boundaries are being pushed amidst the chaos of random and violent events and the light will make known the intentions and low vibrations in all situations whether financial, political, or environmental.   Much is hidden in agendas of peace and goodwill that is not as it has been represented.  These disguises calling themselves good intentioned will be seen for what they are based on the vibration they emit.  The light bringers are rising up to make sure that there is no stone unturned and that the truth beneath is seen. 

This is the year for each light bringer to step up and make known their gifts without fear of any kind.  You will no longer be ridiculed as your knowing will be sought out.  Do not fear any lack, as you have tremendous support from higher realms for your endeavors.  There is no longer time to wait and the energy is there to support each individual and hence your collective force to move the wave of light into the moment of transition to a higher dimensional octave of awareness.

These are the moments you have come for and have worked so hard to reveal.   2011 and 2012 are years to rejoice in victory and maintain the vision for a world far beyond the limits presented by what the illusion appears to be.  Yes, there will be financial crashes, earth changes, and greed that grips nations.  But no longer will these be given the power as long as you each beam your light upon the situations, take a higher perspective, and become the new world that you envision.  While all the turmoil is occurring, the light will prevail and a transcendence of consciousness will expand the planet to a higher frequency.  The real cream will rise to the top and the grinds will sink to a denser experience and remain there.  The cream will float up and be free from the grip of any heavy particles. 

2011 is the true beginning of the separation of 3D and the emergence of 4D juxtaposed upon the old grid.  This year will see the emergence of a mass 4th dimensional perspective alive and flourishing amidst the densities of continued 3D motions.  The wave of transition is upon you.  All you must do is keep flowing in the wave of light by maintaining the highest intentions of your soul level awareness, and you will be aiding and amplifying that reality for your multi-dimensional self, the human expression of God and the power of the magnificent sentient Gaia.

The hard work has been done.  The wave is flowing forward.  All the openings to the 4th dimensional realm are activated through the concerted efforts of humanity, extraterrestrial neighbors, angels, the already lighter frequency beings of Earth, pure light creator beings such as ourselves, energy from cosmic bodies, and Gaia herself.   2011 will see the work paying off in amazing sychronicities and miracles appearing out of nowhere.  These will be miracles that you each have created through all your intentions to be soul driven beings in a difficult and dark reality.  All you must do is believe in the expanding power of the true light of creation, and have certainty that you will be rejoicing in a world of heart, wisdom, and powerful connection to All That Is and it is so.


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