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Predictions 2012: The Juxtaposition

From Simion, The Evolutionary Collective, of 7th dimension light beings, through Amariah Mara.

juxtaposition of worlds
Low and behold, you have made it to the year of Juxtaposition.  The wave of light has washed through the darkness and revealed truths previously unseen in 2011 and now you can follow that wave of light into a lighter awareness or stay with the duality of the present 3D reality. 

2012 will see the two worlds dividing in ever more intensity.  The more the intentions of humanity are found to flow with the lighter path, the easier the experience will be for the whole.

Those in the world of light will find they are transcending above the din of darkness.  The darkness being the lack of awareness as to the true nature of creation and the collective power of thoughts and emotions to create a new flourishing world.  Those that choose to stay ignorant of the truth will continue to live in a reality that is fraught with external influences and the belief that consciousness is at the whim of some outside force, be it natural disasters, the illuminati, or the ravages of disease.  Those that are living an increasingly aware existence will find they are living in a flow of synchronicities that are undeniably leading them to a blessed creation.

Thus 2012 is the divisional year in that some will float toward another dimensional experience while others will sink deeper into the status quo.  There will be a separation occurring in a sense. Although the lighter frequency will still be juxtaposed over the denser reality, there will be a sense of floating above the chaos for those on the light path.  Often they will feel they are not a part of what goes on in the so called real world.  They will feel as though they are there, but not there.  If these lighter thinkers can allow themselves to be okay with these sensations of detachment, they will find it easier to navigate within the 3D, while their consciousness begins to meld with the New Earth frequencies.  They will not disappear from the 3D world, but they will feel less and less taken in by it, and less enveloped by its beliefs and representations, and will find it less cumbersome. 

Those that stay glued to the 3D mentality will find it increasingly dense as it will quite literally be sinking away from the lighter realm that will be formed, and thus there will be a sinking feeling as the denser frequencies fall away and begin to separate from the lighter vibrations.  These alternate paths will increasingly not be able to exist in the same space and time and it will feel as though one is not of the other.  For those in the denser reality, the world will seem to be getting worse and more chaos will be felt on a personal level and the world around will be seen as if it is falling apart or becoming more difficult. Those on a lighter path, will see this occurring as observers, but will not actually experience this in their own lives. 

For example, as the financial crises around the world escalate, some will feel the pain this causes deeply and will have experiences of disaster as a result.  Those that are observers may experience the same events, but they will either be liberated by it or they will glide through as if it were a mere bump in the road to new discoveries.  In other words, these folks will be elevated in some way to a new awareness of self and of the true meaning behind the events.  This new vision will liberate them from that which is confining and destroying those stuck in the dense view of economic down fall.  This is not a matter of simply having a positive attitude; it is a matter of truly seeing the illusion and having the awareness to create a real abundance from within, despite what is happening externally.

Keep in mind, that any being can fluctuate from one density to another, and thus this year will not be as defined as one might think.  You can go in and out of a lighter and darker energy daily with your thoughts and mental projections.  However, most will be flowing one way or the other in their general intentions.  Learn to observe where you are in your density and see how it feels to be in the respective states.  When you fall below the shroud, learn to be an observer of this place and turn your consciousness around to fill this place with light and you will immediately transform it into a lighter vibration.  This will help others to find the light in any given situation you are in as well.  This way you are becoming a beacon for the light path and are lighting candles for those stuck in the dark in any given moment. 

2012 will be the year of the illumination of the New World.  The vision will be seen by those that have the eyes to see.  The truth and possibilities will be illuminated.  The path to a new way of being will be brightly lit.  The light workers will be holding candles all over the world and many from the darkness will follow.  Those that choose not to see the flicker of light will be groping in the dark to find something to hold onto, which will be old dogmas, misinformation and old rules that reveal only despair and lack of personal power.  The more rigid one’s thinking the less light they will find.  There is no judgment in this; it is simply a matter of whether one chooses to move to a level of greater awareness, or to stay the same.  In the darkness you see everything as duality, right or wrong, and in the light, you see the wider view that all is right.

To see the light, one must step away from old patterns in every way.  This goes for personal patterns and habits that bind one to darkness and ignorance and also holding onto to patterns within society and professions.  Light is creativity.  Darkness is caused by the lack of this.  Darkness follows what has been set, with blinders on, while the light shines ideas on these old systems.  Light is movement, and darkness is stagnation.  Light is evolution, while darkness is extinction.  Light motivates the spirit, and Darkness diminishes it.  Light creates joy and excitement, while darkness feels pointless and depressing.  Allow yourself to feel where you stand, and if you feel darkness envelop you, then you know it is time to turn on your creative light and inspire something new.  This is your job as you flow into 2012 and help to create the new dimensional reality of Light.

Light is the ultimate awareness of creation and your power to be creative beings within all creations. So go forth as inspired creators this year, in whatever you are endeavoring upon.  What you are doing is not as important as How and Why you are doing it.  Remember this as you become the New World beings of the future Earth.  It is each beings responsibility to choose to join the creation of a lighter vibratory Earth this year and to live in this state of being during 2012 to help reign in the shift into a higher dimensional reality.  And so be it.



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