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"When you are in the state of oneness you fully realize that you are it and it is already perfect."

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Predictions 2013: The Awakened
awakening to creating a new  worldARE YOU AMONG THE AWAKENED?
through Amariah Mara

We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.
You have made it past the winter solstice of 2012 and you are still here. Wonderful! The world has not come to an end. Some will say nothing happened. Will you be one of those? If you do say nothing happened, than you have missed much. 2012 was meant to be a crossroads. It was a time of becoming or not becoming and deciding what you wish to see anew in this new year of 2013. We certainly hope you are seeing much happening and that you are thus extremely motivated to create the world of enlightenment that has been contemplated.

Was the wake-up call of 2012 heard by you? Was it heard by the world around you? This year will be the true test of that. Now is the real testing time of your guts and grit and true spirit as creators. This year many will fall to the wayside that were looking for a quick fix or that never truly believed in humankind’s potential to evolve. Are you a way-sider, or have your eyes been opened further to reveal more light in your life? Will you be one that adds to the creation of the Promised Land that you all have been working towards? If so, then now is the real year of action! This is the year when all the hype can become real in your lives, one at a time, until the light spreads like a wild fire blown by a strong wind.

Change starts with you AwakeningSo much light can now be revealed that wasn’t able to previously in anticipation of the Big End or Big Shift of Dec. 21, 2012. Now is the time that the real truth in each soul will come forward, as all the pressures of the buildup are gone and only those that really meant what they intended to be as light workers will remain. The tough and truly divinely touched will forge ahead without a blink of an eye. And what a world they will create. Watch out for the spreading undercurrent now! You thought it was strong last year, but nothing will compare to what will happen in 2013. This is the true launching year for all that has been building.

Last year was simply the preparation and the weeding out period. 
The weeding of those that couldn’t maintain a vibration of service no matter the hurdles thrown at them. And believe us, we know you all have experienced your share of hurdles; from emotional traumas, to financial downfalls, to breaking relationships, to physical ailments, and even near death disasters. All have had some share of serious life challenge, each in his way. Many have thought they must not be evolved enough to be having such events occur in their life.

awakening lifeMany of you have plowed through and kept your resolve and it has made you spiritually and energetically stronger and even more intent on seeing a new world and being a part of its fruition. You kept your sites high and returned always to your spiritual solace in whatever form worked for you. You returned to your soul and centered yourself or kept seeking inner truth in all the corners of the world. This, my friends, is what will carry you forward into the realms of peace and sanctity that you so desire. But this peace does not mean that you will be sitting back on your laurels in the new dimensional reality.

Now is the time to truly become that reality that you know to be true within.
 You that survive all the hype that nothing happened, and recognize that everything happened, will be those that are quietly, or perhaps not so quietly, creating this new dimensional existence in the times ahead. This is no small thing we speak of.

Many other dimensional realms have been watching to see who and how many would make it through all the veils put before your eyes in the year of 2012. Who and how many of you are still with us and seeing beyond the veils now? Enough, are with us that your world hasn’t come to an end, and this is a big step. It may have come to an end for some, but it hasn’t for you. But, most important is whether or not your beliefs in the potential for an enlightened world have come to an end.

Awakening Outlook 2013A true ending would be one in which your beliefs in something better, and in your abilities to create a lighter vibrancy reality where all are flourishing from their spirit, has been squelched. That is the ending that would spell a true disaster. If you haven’t ended that belief and you are still moving beyond the limits imposed on your being, by yourself and your culture, than you are a true light being and will be hence forth heading into the light of fluid creation. You are one that has crossed the threshold and created the other side that is full of glorious potential. Keep that vision alive and get ready to amplify all positive uplifting elements in your life, as you are one that will transcend the din and be the future.

We are leaving this transmission at that, because all the truth you need for this year is within the energy signature of these words. Keep the flame lit, now more than ever, and you will see and be the future elevation of humankind and your beloved planet Gaia.

Blessed be all of you that continue on with these words in your heart through 2013, and congratulations!

~ Simion, from 7D



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