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channeled messages:
 • 2015 Eight Gateways
 • happiness heals
 • why am I sick?
 • Arcturian geometry
 • transformation series
 • shift to 4th dimension

 • light orbs / angels

 • the web of light

 •  abundance
 • telepathy
 • new era prophecy

 • 2014 Amplification

2013 Awakening
 • 2012 Juxtaposition
 • 2011 Wave of Light
 • 2010 Tipping Point
Japan Tsunami
mass animal deaths
Haiti earth quake


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7D Publishing company was established in order to get the channeled messages of Simion to the public. However, owner, Jill Mara will consider other quality channeled material for publication. Messages must be spiritually uplifting and not focused on a particular religious belief.

If you have a channeled book you would like to be considered please submit a query and chapter outline to

Publishing services include:

Editorial advisement

Cover and interior book design and layout

On-demand or type set printing set up.

Listing on online booksellers (such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble)

Marketing suggestions


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