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"The more you fight against evil or what you perceive as negativity, the more you allow it to continue. Your reality can be shifted in an instant by mentally and spiritually removing the concept of evil from your consciousness."

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Book Reviews

Keys to Soul Evolution book coverKeys to Soul Evolution: A Gateway to the Next Dimension

"This is a Power book! Everyone should read this book."

~ Bob Brown, Co-founder International UFO Congress

"I have been reading spiritual material for over 30 years and I have to say that this book is the most profoundly useful book I have read thus far.  I use a high lighter when I read and I’ve got every page marked up in yellow! This is a book that every spiritual traveler needs to keep in their special book shelf!"

~ Marilynn Jacobs, C.A.S. (Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist), Santa Fe, NM


"Keys to Soul Evolution is full of enlightening and practical advice that will enhance your spiritual growth and contribution to universal evolution.  I give it my highest recommendation and suggest that you read it with a sense of urgency."

~ Ross Pittman, Editor, 

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"The book Keys to Soul Evolution and the guided messages helped bring forth more verifications of that which I had felt innately for some time on several fronts. Jill is a person who resonates of and can also connect with what we may call a higher vibratory frequency - which incidentally we all may be part of. IMHO the sooner more people wake up to this idea/reality the better it may be for many."

~ Tony Sivalelli, Author of Ambasadors to the Stars: The Exploration and Possible Implications of the Discovery of Not-of-this-Earth Intelligences

5 out of 5 stars ~ Best of the Best

"Over many, many years I have read hundreds of channeled books, many of which were quite good. I suppose all of them helped along the way. But never have I felt the need to write a review of any of them. This book, for me, has been an amazingly deep and truly life expanding and empowering experience. I only hope it can be the same for all who pick it up."

~ Ron Head, Miami, FL

“Keys to Soul Evolution is the best channeled book since the author Jane Robert’s bestselling books on the nature of reality from the entity Seth!  It is the only 2012 genre book that I have reviewed that gives practical advice for planetary and human evolution.  A must read book to get us out of the global mess we are in and to spark and manifest "a new human evolved being of light"

This book will change the way you see yourself, and your limiting egocentric dynamic, and allow a new flow of collective intentional reality for the betterment of all creation!  Keys to Soul Evolution shows you how to lift the veil of time, and its illusionary nature, so that your soul can evolve to its highest potential, which is more than you could ever have imagined."

~ Alan Stein, founder Star Gate Awareness Resources, 23 year old metaphysical bookstore, Eugene Oregon

5 out of 5 stars ~ excellent for the evolution of the planet

"Keys To Soul Evolution is an excellent journey as to what is to come. If any one is aware of the changes that must take place in order to remain on our earth, this book is definitely a must read. For those who are beginning to question what is happening to our world, this will explain many things that your soul needs to know. We need this kind of information and support to remain on our beautiful planet."

~ Diane Smith, Olympia, WA

"The Simion work has provided me with new insight to the greater purpose of our journey here and clarifies all the other profound works that I've read throughout the years. I am wrapped in love and support as I read as though I'm being held by a kind and gentle mentor. I am encouraged by the wisdom revealed and have a deep peace that carries me forward. I feel excitement towards sharing the information in our support groups and look forward to many more lives being transformed through this journey."

~ Joy Coble, Seven Oaks Healing Center, Carnation, WA

"I have been reading and studying and consciously treading the Path for 20 years, and this book sublimely brings into focus with so much clarity and insight and simplicity -- the ideas we have all been working on and wrestling with -- and how they pertain to this present moment.

It is so great to come across a book which immediately gets to the core of the situation.  Anton (my co-host) and I have been saying things and encouraging people to create and see themselves as creators, and now your book comes along that uses and expresses these thoughts in such a coherent and easily understandable way.  I want everyone to read it!"

~ Nancy Wait, Artist and Ascension Radio Show and Blog

"I have much enjoyed reading Keys To Soul Evolution. It is a remarkable work. I feel as if I have been given a supportive manual for my remaining days. Having studied the esoteric materials for many years, including channeled material, I must say that the perspective and suggested vision lines up with the matrix of such thoughts I have gleaned from other sources.

This treatise is very direct, but properly respects the undetermined nature of our unfolding future as a species. The words expressed by Simion through Jill give me a renewed sense of mission and a realistic sense of hope and faith.

We are not alone in this living universe, on this living planet traversing the void round a wandering star. It is time we moved to a general agreement of our spiritual reality in concert with an understanding of how the thoughts we hold individually and collectively make the "creation DNA" from which our lives and our world emerge. In celebration of that grandchild 1000 generations out from me in time, I recommend reading this book, that it inform what happens next..."

~ Gregory Kelley, Philosopher, Kirkland, Washington, Blog:

5 out of 5 stars ~ Invaluable & uplifting resource for higher consciousness

"Those souls interested in the global shift & higher consciousness have no doubt read numerous books on the subject, but "Keys To Soul Evolution" remains an excellent primer that can stand on its own. The book is sincere, truthful & uplifting - without the excessive gloom'n'doom and/or 'fluffiness' that often plagues other writings. Ms. Mara stays on target explaining both key concepts of higher consciousness & some practical methods for attaining greater awareness.

Although the book is best read cover-to-cover, readers can just as easily focus on individual chapters/topics of their choosing. The writing style is clear, concise & easy to understand (unlike other books where a reader practically needs a theosophic dictionary to keep up...) This makes "Keys To Soul Evolution" a refreshing change of pace from most other writings on the subject."

I purchased the downloadable .pdf from the simion7d website, and intend to purchase another copy (of the bound book this time) to give to a friend (or maybe just to keep at my bedside!)

~ J. Bloomer, Harrisburg, PA 

"I feel quite a strong connection with Simion and resonate deeply with their information and messages. Simion's message is resonating with ALL whom I have been sharing it with.  This message is SO vital for us at this time."

~ Jewel Shield, Reconnective Healing Practitioner,

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