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"By shifting ones awareness past the interpretation and judgment of something as being bad or good, choose to see with a clearer vision and ride the wave of light that exists within every single act or thought."

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Keys to Soul Evolution: A Gateway to the Next Dimension

~ Channeled by Jill Mara for Simion, the Evolutionary Collective

Table of Contents

Introduction: by Simion, the Evolutionary Collective on who they are and why they are transmitting this information.

Chapter 1: The Super Conductivity of Existence
The Electrically Charged Universe
Thoughts are Conductive
Awakening Conscious Creation
Unlocking Inter-dimensional Gateways
Emotions as Energy-Motions
The Power of Imagination
Tuning your Frequencies through Thought and Emotion
Awareness, Density, and Dimensional Octaves
Enabling the Available Accelerating Energy
Acknowledging and Sensing your Creational Frequencies

Chapter 2: Tapping Into the Energy Field of Your Planet
Your Thoughts Enhance the Earth's Energy Field
Become Aware of Your Energy Field
The Interconnected Relationship of Your Frequency and the Energy Field
Utilizing Existing Pathways of Light
Your Choice to Connect to the Highest State of Consciousness
Cleanse Your Energy Field to Reveal Your Brightness
Fine Tune Your Vibration to Raise Your Connection Level

Chapter 3: The Coming Age and Your Place in It
A Multidimensional Perspective
The Current Cosmic Bulge in Space/Time
Management of the Energy Influx will Determine Your Destiny
Infusing Life with Conscious Awareness
Strengthening the Unified Soul: Conformity vs. Individual Truth
The Evolutionary Leap through Vibrational Change
Cooperative Energy will Inherit the Earth
Deepening Layers of Communication
The Evolution of Methods, Solutions, and Extrasensory Perceptions
When and How the Transition will be Experienced
Affecting Potentials and Probabilities

Chapter 4: How to Raise Your Vibration and How It Will Affect Others
Awareness of your Energetic Filters
Vibration Protection Methods
Aim to Elevate E-Motions and Deepen Fulfillment
Transform Personal Obstacles to Reveal More Light
Raise Your Level of Desire, Imagination and Actions
The Relationship of Heightened Desire and Purpose
Raising your Frequency will Elevate Others

Chapter 5: Your New Self Aware Soul
You are More than the Role you Play in this Life
Continued Soul Discovery Spurs Evolution
Awareness of How You Fit into the Bigger Picture
Benefiting from the Energy Portals in Time
Strengthen Individual Awareness to Work in Unison
Understand the Magnetic Force of Unity
Your Individual Responsibility to Transform

Chapter 6: New Systems of Belief and How They Will Affect Your New Era
Mass Belief in the Power of Consciousness will Alter Reality
Focused Collective Consciousness Affects Matter
Rising above Self Interest will lead to Enhanced Fulfillment
Stretching the Limits of Belief Systems
Each Small Change in Beliefs has an Exponential Impact

Chapter 7: The Moment of Transition and Preparedness
The Transition: Painful vs. Refreshing
Minimum Level of Awareness for a Smooth Transition
Amplification of Densities during the Transition
Take Advantage of this Opportunity to Evolve
Assisting to Reveal the True Light in All
Find the Inner Spark behind Your Darkness
Become Your Ultimate Expression
Finding Assistance on your Journey of Transformation
How You will Feel the Amplified Energy
Increasing Your Frequency to Connect to Higher Beings

Chapter 8: Where to Be and When
The Larger Context of Probable Outcomes
Your Intentions and their Frequency of Attraction
Listen to Your Soul Guidance
Lower Emotions are Signals to Reassess
Ask for Assistance, Listen, and Note Synchronicities
Maintain Courage and Determination
Recognize Who to be With and When

Chapter 9: Creation with Your Soul Minds Eye
A Leap in your Ability as a Creator
Collective Creation at a Molecular Level
Seven Soul Perceptions to Acknowledge
The Lightness and Flow of Soul Creation
Creating a New Self that Reflects your Inner Light
Synchronizing and Recharging with Unlimited Source Energy
Following the Soul's Path of Least Resistance
Replace your Draining Ego View with an Abundant Soul Vision

Chapter 10: As Today, so Yesterday and Tomorrow
Time is Illusory and Malleable
Manipulating Past Causes and Effects
Altering Future Probabilities and Encouraging Outcomes
Influences of Other Worldly and Future Beings
Multidimensional Evolution
Probable Future Human Developments
Using Mental Time Travel to Strengthen Potential

Chapter 11: The Winks of Light Transference
The Interconnected Web of Light
Sustainable Balancing of Energy Transference
Light as Electrically Charged Information
Communicating and Replenishing through Light Filaments
Becoming Orchestrators of the Underlying Light Forms
Harmonizing with Mother Earth's Vibration

Chapter 12: A Whole New World Is Created
Targeting Positive Outcomes with Higher Intentions
The Manifestation of Endless Abundance
Waves of Probability: Worst and Best Case Scenarios
Clarify your Life Purpose to Maximize your Contribution
Greater Astronomical Sentient Influences
Co-creating a New World: 7 Considerations

Chapter 13: How we will interact in the New World
Light Beings as Species Relations Facilitators and Evolution Enhancers
The Appearance of and Communications with Light Beings
The Nature of Angels vs. Light Beings
Human Associations with the Intergalactic Community
Sound, Frequency and Crop Circle Transmissions
Receptivity to Telepathy

Chapter 14: The Space Between and the Envelope of Time
The Singularity in the Space Between
Sacred Geometry Bridges Matter and Subtle Energy
Meditation as a Tool for Touching the Realm of Pure Consciousness
Stepping Out of the Envelope of Time
Transcending Barriers for Leaps in Scientific Knowledge

Chapter 15: The Hiccup of Existence and the Road Ahead
Multidimensional Expression and Evolution
Free Will and the Constructs of Good and Evil
The Answer is the Journey itself
Five Levels of Soul Refinement
The Integration of Spirit
The Ascended After Life
Collective Evolution and Soul Mates

Chapter 16: The Falling and Rising. How to Follow the Ebb of Light
Messianic Elevation of Awareness
Acting as if you are Enlightened
Balancing Self Awareness
Tuning In and Synchronizing with Potential Paths
Appreciating the Pure Light in Others

Chapter 17: The Lifting of Burdens and Weightlessness
Ushering in the Era of Light
Enlightenment and Ascension Sensations
Soul Mate Communion and Creation
Latent DNA Activation
Releasing of Burdens or Lightening Up
4D Space, Time and Gravity Affects

Chapter 18: When Time Stops and You Keep on Going
Envisioning Cause, Effect, and Potentialities
Multidimensional Self-integration
Flexibility of Physical Aging and Appearance
Seeing Probabilities will Accelerate Development
The Manipulation of Experiential Time
Spirit and Science Integrated Time Travel

Chapter 19: Giving to Evolve Charity vs. True Sharing
Giving from Your Central Light
Unconditional Giving
Loving your Luminous Soul
Receiving, Accepting, and Appreciating


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