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"All that is needed are the intentions to become balanced and to let go of the illusory identities and beliefs that are holding your soul back from seeing its true path."

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Message from Jill Mara on Team 7D

My sincere gratitude to all who decide to join Team 7D to be of assistance in The Simion Evolution Project. 

When I channeled the final page of Keys to Soul Evolution, I had no idea how I was going to publish and disseminate the insights and advice handed down from the Light Beings. 

Without knowing what I was getting into, I published the book, and committed my life to getting the information to as many souls as possible.  This is proving to be quite a challenge for a single person.  I remain dedicated, because when I asked the Universe for a purposeful life, I was awakened to my gift of channeling as an answer to that plea.   Therefore, despite the challenges, I continue with a strong desire to share my gift in order to help others find their own soul purpose and thereby add to the evolutionary process.

So far, a few friends have given invaluable and much appreciated support, but there remains much to do.  I would love nothing more than to be able to focus on my gift of bringing forth messages to benefit others in their spiritual growth.  As it stands, the time I have available for channeling remains limited because of the demands of other necessary work.

It is my hope that an inspired and enthusiastic team will assist in widening the reach of the given insights and advice, and allow me more time to channel the important messages for us all, in consideration of the significance of the times in which we live. 

Being of service to humanity and Earth is exponential with the current amplified energies and has far reaching effects on our soul’s growth and evolution.  There is no better way to heighten and enlighten vibration than to be of service. By working together as a collective, we will have a much greater impact from our efforts.

Initially, and for everyone’s convenience, we can take advantage of the gifts of technology for communications.  Once a dedicated Team 7D comes together, and work is well underway, we can schedule a gathering, as possible. 

As gestures of appreciation for your service, you will be showered with gifts such as a Simion t-shirts and recorded channelings as well as discounts on personal channeling sessions and future online courses. 

You have my deep and abiding gratitude in advance for all that you can do to assist in sharing this profound knowledge from higher dimensions. I look fondly forward to working with you to assist in a brighter evolution of our world.

Below is a list of some of the ways that Team 7D can help in the Simion Evolution Project.  If you feel that you have skills and resonance to lead/assist in any of these areas, or have other ideas and means for extending the reach of the information, please contact me <> to get started. 

Team 7D tasks:

1. Volunteer Coordinator:  Keep track of volunteer activities and progress and facilitate team efforts as appropriate.

1. Conference Research and Publicity: Find events that would be appropriate for speaking / channeling presentations, send proposals and make arrangements, as applicable.

3.  Web Media Research and Publicity:  Find online programs for Simion/Mara interview potentials.  Video and Radio programs (i.e. Conscious Media Network, Sacred Awakening  Series and Project Camelot) and email proposals and make arrangements.
4.  Article Submissions: Research e-zines and print publications that are appropriate and would benefit from Simion article submissions.  Determine topics / book excerpts that might fit various outlets and make regular submissions.

5.  Study Group Leader:  Start a Keys to Soul Evolution study group with friends.  Help create an outline for others to do the same.

6.  Forum Communications:  Share what you learn from the Simion material on forums across the web.

7.  Facebook Page Developer and Administrator: Develop the Simion page to be more interactive and gain more followers.  *

8.  Twitter Page Developer and Administrator:  Create a Simion page on Twitter and generate interest from fans. *

9.  YouTube Simion7d page Manager: Improve design and update.  Maintain the page and upload regular videos. Pursue networking opportunities. *
* If you don’t have the experience, #6-8 may require studying books on Social Media Marketing and implementing that knowledge.

10.   Subscription Web page development.  Design and create a web page that hosts all Simion and other channeled material from Jill Mara to be available on a monthly subscription basis.

11.   Video Production:  Edit and post regular channeled audio segments with accompanying video. i.e. Log full video interview of Jill Mara and Simion that was conducted for the Tuning In Two documentary.   Summarize and help choose short segments on various topics for posting on YouTube and longer segments for potential download from Simion website. 

12.  Video Animator:  Create animations that illustrate Simion concepts.

13.  Summarize Radio Interviews: Listen to radio interviews with Jill Mara and type a summary of the content to be listed on the Simion website. Contact the radio program for permission to download or obtain a recording of the interview, and to share on our website.

14.  Transcriptionist:  Transcribe audio material for publication.


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