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"For some 2012 will be an ending and others it will be a beginning. Which it will be for you depends on what you are creating with your consciousness."
Transformation Series

We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective. 

We will discuss these symptoms of transformation as they will apply throughout this year of 2012 and beyond.  We will call this the Transformation Series.  This is a pivotal time for transformation and we wish to guide you on some of the changes you may be going through, and how to enhance your individual potential within this opportune year.

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Transformation Series Part Five


We are Simion The Evolutionary Collective.

This is a good time to begin believing in your telepathic contact abilities.  It starts with creating new beliefs and stretching your imagination.  Every time you flip a switch in your thinking and say, "Yes, I can have telepathic contact with my guides and other beings," you are creating new circuitry in your mind. 

This quite real electric re-patterning of thoughts opens channels of telepathic contact.  Telepathic communication occurs through energetic thought transference and bypasses the need for translation into words and vocalization. Symbols and imagery are still used, but the data and meaning is transferred instantly by means of the frequency of the thoughts and emotional charge.

Your telepathic abilities in general will be elevated when you make contact with beings that already are experts at such communication.  You will not be able to use this ability completely effectively with fellow humans until all begin to elevate their belief systems regarding the reality of this ability.  Until then, connecting with other dimensional beings, and those of a lighter frequency on your planet, such as angels, fairies and elementals, will help you attune your telepathic receptors.

What we are suggesting is that by developing telepathic contact with beings that are adept at this communication method, you will be creating pathways in your own brain and conscious awareness to firstly be a receiver.  Once you can receive from these telepathic beings, you will learn to discern frequencies from your fellow man and other species on your planet.  This will help activate the electrical brain patterns for telepathic abilities within the human race at large.

telepathic linkWhy make telepathic contact with other worldly beings?  This is the method trans-dimensional beings prefer to use to make contact with developing species, because it acts as a preparation for all future communications and allows for the transcendence of language limitations.  Not only are limits of translation from one language to another avoided, but also concepts can be more accurately transmitted when the energy of the thoughts are transmitted directly.  The package of information is more complete.  The amount of information that can be relayed in an instant telepathically may be equal to an entire book of information or a whole documentaries worth of information as relayed in your present use of language and imagery. 

By initiating the request to make telepathic contact with beings from elsewhere, or your ethereal guides, you are opening a new door way to the contact of the future.  Until a certain significant portion of the human population is able to open to real telepathic contact, beings from other worlds will not make themselves known to the race at large.  They must know first that enough humans will understand them and their true intentions before they will attempt large scale contact.

With the development of telepathy comes an ability to not only pick up finer frequencies, but also to discern the motivations and tuning of these frequencies.  In other words, once one is able to receive information, they also become more sensitive to subtleties of the energies being transmitted.  The two go hand in hand.  Telepathic contact requires increasing sensitivity to light frequencies emitted, and this develops a discernment radar within ones brain matrix.

telepathic contact crown chakraThough you feel you are far from telepathic, we are here to open your minds to the possibility that you have this natural ability and merely must awaken to it.  It is felt on high from a collaboration of universal friends, that it is time for more of those of spiritual inclination to begin making deeper telepathic contact. This message is firstly meant to spark the belief that each of you is ready and able and that there are many awaiting communication with you. 

We do not wish at this point to tell you how to do this.  We wish you to begin to ponder this yourself.  How will you begin to make contact via your telepathic ability?  First, make yourself open to it and tell yourself that you can make it so.  If you tell yourself to do it, those wanting to make telepathic contact will take note and will be there to help you activate your telepathic abilities. There is no rocket science to realizing this ability, as you are each engineered for it by your extraterrestrial ancestors.  Humans used to have these abilities activated in times of Lemuria and Atlantis, but misuse regressed this in your species.  Now human kind can be reactivated when they have the correct spiritual intention of service and connection to inner light. 

Without spiritual awareness, you will only be able to connect with astral energies that are thought forms created throughout human history.  So called "dark energies" or demons are very real, and exist in the astral field of your planet.  They can only influence you when you are on that level of consciousness.  It is simple to transcend this level by using your conscious intention to do so. 

ghostly energyYou can feel the difference in astral energies because they are demanding, overwhelming, and often overtly emotional and flamboyant.  They are not energies of multidimensional awareness.  They only know their singular way of thinking because that is what they were created from.  However, on a side note, these energies can be dispelled and transformed into something lighter with your help. The astral energies include souls that have passed over but still remain as residual frequencies in the astral planes, because they have not been able to let go of particular lifetimes and incidents.  These are what you call ghosts. 

You can telepathically communicate with these also, but be aware that they are coming from personal motives when contacting you. Astral beings are also not adept at intentional telepathy, but will try to attach to your emotional energy and will use this to affect your environment or send messages.  It is usually a haphazard communication that comes from an intention to feel more connected to the existence they cannot let go of.  We tell you these tidbits so that you begin to hone your discernment regarding the frequency of intention accompanying those you choose to contact, or that try to contact you.

If you are ready, then contact experiences of a higher vibration will be uplifting and of service.  You will be able to feel the intention and your life will improve from the experience if you choose to allow it.  If a being has a motive other than service, you will feel drained and disturbed by the contact.  This is different, however, in cases of so called alien abduction, as this is a process that was agreed on a soul level, but that happened before human consciousness was ready to acknowledge the aims inherent in these scenarios.

alien abuductin experience meaningAlien abductions began long before the first person recalled these events. Humans began remembering them because your species is ready for a new level of knowing. Now that humankind is awakening to their larger selves, they are becoming ready to let go of the fear reaction to these strange occurrences and see the larger picture at play. But it is a process that takes time to filter into the collective consciousness.  The whole experience of abduction is changing.  It is being recognized as a spiritual encounter and those that have had these encounters are feeling gifted instead of victimized.  This in turn is resulting in communication with these beings as a two way telepathic contact experience. 

Telepathic contact with angels has gone on throughout human history as well, and is also a natural occurrence.  Angelic beings are meant to be guides for all aspects of life on Earth and at one time there was a deep communion between humans and angelic realms.  This communion also included the nature spirits.  Your early tribal cultures were well aware of these energies and spoke to them with respect and admiration.  In turn they received much insight into the workings of natural systems and benefited greatly from this contact.

We are hoping this introduction to telepathic contact will open your soul to your possible future.  We encourage you to activate this future now. Many in your star family and those of other realms, are eager to welcome you into a new world of telepathic contact.

Blessings on your discernment, and may you make contact with those that will be of service to you and your endeavors.

~ Simion

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For much more on the shift and December 2012 prophecy and ascension symptoms read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.


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