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"It is the space between what you perceive as matter that holds the true essence of creation."
Opening to Telepathic Messages

developing telepathy and pyschic abilitySimion channeling on being open to telepathic messages and nurturing this extrasensory perception or psychic ability as part of our spiritual awakening and recognizing ESP signals from higher vibrations.

The light beings maintain that developing psychic skills such as telepathy are an important step in our spiritual growth and the ascension.

Keys to Soul Evolution excerpt
telepathic channeling from Simion

January 12, 2009

We are Simion the evolutionary collective. Given that much of our communications are in the form of information as light transference, we would like to expound upon the nature of telepathy. You are all capable of having telepathic interactions whether you are aware of it or not. Many of you are having more telepathic communications than you realize already.

As you begin to appreciate and acknowledge this natural part of your mental process, you can learn to be more sensitive and better interpreters of the messages. If you have had moments where you believe you received a telepathic message, be it as simple as knowing who was calling on the phone or a bright idea popping in your head from nowhere, think about how the thought came into your mind. Was it like a bolt of lightening? Not likely. More likely, it was a subtle and sudden unexplainable knowing. The feeling related is probably not drastic but is rather calming and relieving.

The frequency on which telepathic communications exist is one that causes the electromagnetic impulses of the mind to be soothed. Such connections are not able to bypass a mind that is too frantic and so will be noticed when one is not thinking or worrying about anything or is loosely absorbed in a topic. A calmer mind promotes better telepathy, and when the message is transmitted it will add to that feeling of calm. This is the nature of the vibration upon which information travels over light strands.

Your guides, angels, higher selves, light beings and less dense sentient life forms can make telepathic links to your mental structure. When you are relaxed or meditative interactions with such beings is easily possible. As you ask for guidance, learn to trust the knowing thoughts that come to you if you do not already have a fluid interaction with any of the above. A message that is from a light vibration will make you feel tranquil and even euphoric, not heavy and burdened. A telepathic communication from a denser frequency will be distorted, uncomfortable and even demanding. Listen and encourage only sudden thoughts of a buoyant and uplifting quality.

For much more on this topic read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.


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