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"If you can do only one thing toward your spiritual progression, make it seeing the spark of light in others and yourself as linked and united in strength and ability. You each have personal paths, but together you have a greater path. "
Interconnected Web of Light

channelings on metaphsycal meaning of life purpose

Light beings channeling on the interconnection of all beings of light with all matter as energy. The development of this sensitivity is an important key to the spiritual enlightenment that will lead to the ascension or spiritual awakening spoken about in December 2012 prophecy.

Science has proven that we are all made of the same atomic particles. The channeled messages take this reality to a new dimension, metaphysical meaning of life and understanding for spiritual growth.


Keys to Soul Evolution

telepathic channeling for Simion
November 18, 2008

We are Simion the evolutionary collective. When you are able to see all your transactions with yourself, others and everything in your environment as an exchange of energy, you will be on your way to navigating and creating inter dimensionally. Once your soul is able to see its interconnectedness to its surroundings now and through time and space, then movement through the threads of light will be second nature. Presently, you may think this is far from your sphere of knowing, but you are closer than you realize and need to be prepared for relating in this way. We have already explained that by nature the universe is super conductive and that by shedding your baggage or barriers to your inner light you are more able to play in this field of conductivity.

This world of light is what you are and exist within already. You merely must open your awareness to it within yourself and then around you. As you do this you are becoming a member of the greater universe that surrounds you, that was previously unseen. This is what your transition is all about. It is you becoming a being in further awareness of its ability to contribute to the waves of light transference that invigorate worlds. In doing so your creation experience becomes richer and in turn so does all that touches you, which includes all that exists in this universe and beyond.

Knowing that the universe works by transference of energy from one unit to another and that we all affect that transfer is a key to effective creation. You and the objects and life you experience is an assemblage of units of consciousness in agreement to express together. You are in agreement to appear separate so that you can discover your own creativity. You are expressing your creative flair in living your particular lives. You are learning how your energy affects your surroundings. Hopefully you are learning that you are all affecting each other on an energetic level. The more aware you are of this fact, the more control you can have over the affects of your energy. Also, presumably you are learning that you can tap into the never ending source of energy that the universe is made of. Seeing the light transfer and replenishment will allow you to understand how to alter your surroundings with ease.

For much more on this topic read Simion's book Keys to Soul Evolution: Gateway to the Next Dimension. See the publications link above for details.


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