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Why Am I Sick?


Hate being sick
We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  If you go to one of your modern doctors of medicine reporting an illness, they will likely tell you it is caused by microscopic germs, a virus, a genetic defect, your diet, or maybe you had an accident.  And this of course is true on one level, the material one.  However, from a multidimensional point of view this is not taking into account a multitude of other factors. 

Deeper factors such as stress or emotional trauma are finally being accepted by even medical professionals as causes for making the body vulnerable to the germs, genes and accidents.  These views are giving you more power and responsibility for your ills. This is a positive direction, because it is all true.  But, there are even more causal levels for ailments than stress or emotional disruption.  In fact, often these are still effects rather than root causes.

In this transmission, we will help you consider Why Am I Ill?  In such consideration, there is much to discover about yourself now and throughout your soul's existence.  Are you ready to go there?  We ask, because many do not really want to take responsibility for what ails them.  It is after all much easier to blame it on something external, even the emotions or stress can ultimately be blamed on the job or the wife.   So we ask, do you really want to discover the truth of your aches, pains, disabilities and clumsiness?  If you are still reading, we presume you will at least want to try.

With the responsibility of the illness itself also comes the responsibility for the discovery of the cause.  See, right away some are saying, "I thought you were going to tell me the cause, like the doctor does."  What we are going to assist you with is seeing the possible causes yourself and taking full credit for them.  This is not to say that you cannot benefit from outside help as well.  Of course, a trained medical doctor can tell you what type of bacteria is attacking you, firstly.  That can be useful to know.  Also, an energy healer can certainly help you to feel the energetic imbalance related to this attack.  And both in turn can offer you remedies.  We will get into healing your ills in another transmission. 

Some will say, "why not just get into healing and not worry about the cause?"  Good question.  The answer is, that until you realize the actual cause, the bacteria or something else, will keep harming you.  Others will say, "Well, I got the illness from touching the shopping cart at Walmart and rubbing my nose and forgetting to wash my hands."  True perhaps, but a thousand other people did the same thing that day but they all didn't get an infection.  Some will argue that chance was the reason. Maybe being born this way gets you off the hook.  But, we will tell you it is always more than chance even when the problem started at birth.  And this is where your responsibility, beyond hand washing and blaming, comes into the picture.

With that thought, here are some of the possible considerations involved in why you are ill, and this goes for a common cold to terminal cancer to a genetic defect or injury from a car accident.

I am benefiting in some way from this ailment in this lifetime:

  1. sick noteI really need to rest and I won't give it to myself unless forced.
  2. I am trying to wake myself out of a life slumber or detrimental direction
  3. I am showing just how sick and tired I am of my job, my self, my husband...
  4. I am in desperate need of some attention
  5. This gives me an excuse not to do my best
  6. I can keep people at a distance with this disease
  7. My pity from self and others is justified when I am ill
  8. I am more impressive when i do things given this disability rather than if I am fully healthy
  9. I can no longer bare living and this sickness can be a way out
 I am holding onto something from other lifetimes:
  1. benefits of being sickI feel like my caretaker owes it to me to give up their life for me. May come from playing the role of caretaker in another life and now you feel it is payback time.
  2. I  feel like I deserve this pain.  You may have hurt someone else in a past life and now feel that you must have a similar pain.
  3. I secretly enjoy the trouble that my disease causes others.  I am holding a grudge from past pains and want to hurt others this time.
  4. I have a deep unexplained fear of germs or other disease and feel it is always out to get me.  This may relate to a trauma from a past life that was not healed.
illness for growthThis Illness was chosen for personal growth or contribution:
  1. I wanted to experience this role so that I can learn compassion
  2. Struggle with this ailment will make me a stronger person in this life
  3. I hope to find a cure for this disease by experiencing it myself
  4. With this problem, I will develop other strengths 
  5. I wanted to show the world what can be done even with a disability
  6. Others will be inspired when they see how I treat this challenge
  7. I recognize that I can no longer fulfill my mission and it is time to depart
Do you see the multidimensional nature of these causes?  Yes, emotions may cause a flare up of illness.  However, behind that emotional flare or stress, there is usually a deeper reason for your troubles.  You may also add to these general causes the meaning behind having a particular type of illness.  The type of physical challenge is perfectly chosen to reveal special meaning for you, if you pay attention.  You are far more poetic with your ailments than you give yourself credit for. 

Here are a few examples to illustrate why you may have chosen a particular illness:
  1. I have parasites in my gut because I feel like everyone is taking from me for their own benefit.
  2. I get acne on my face and rashes on my skin because I feel ugly inside. I have low self-esteem
  3. I chose blindness so that I would become a musician
  4. I have a sexually transmitted disease because i am secretly ashamed of sex

The specifics can be rather meaningful and usually are.  There can also be many layers to the cause and something related to each of the above lists may be found in one illness. 

Chronic illness signSeldom does your medical industry give attention to these deeper causes.  If they did, they would be giving you the credit for your ailment and you would be forced to take a real look inside rather than simply take the pill or have the operation.  Not that these should be avoided.  They certainly may play a role in your cure, as can many alternative healing modalities.  However, none will give permanent easement until you confront the meaning of the trouble.  If you do not, it may come back as something even more challenging for you to face. 

Many of you that are astute, will also see that emotional situations and repeated relationship dramas and the like can also have similar causes.  Some of you prefer the more direct story that a physical illness provides, while others will gravitate toward other life challenges.  Either way, until the cause can be discovered, there will likely be a repeating pattern of difficulty for you.

This is a plateful for you to ponder, so we will stop here.  Next time we will go more into looking within to get to these root causes.  You can also find help already available to get to these roots, so feel free to seek it.  Once you get to the root of the problem, you will at least know what to pull out, and you will have some space to replant and see new growth.

After these many dimensional causes are faced and healed, some of you may find you have odd physical and emotional symptoms that have no apparent reason for being.  These may actually be your body and psyche adjusting to changes in frequency that are occurring on the planet as the shift into a lighter dimension is felt.  We cover much of what to expect as this energy is refined in Keys to Soul Evolution.

Regardless of your particular journey, be at peace in your discovery.  Honor your poetry of pain and don't forget to have a little humor about it.



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